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  1. The title pretty much sums it up. I'm not submitting anything just yet, just letting people know.
  2. Wire Submissions

    I'll look out for you then.
  3. When I answered the questions, on my artist page, it cut off a few lines. Can you guys (JB) fix this or do I need to just provide shorter answers? :)
  4. Haha, it might be a while before I put something up :)
    I already filmed something, but I wasn't 100% happy with the finished product, so I'm redoing it.
  5. Well crap... there's nothing that allows it to accept PDF's It's only video submissions!
  6. Well they said they would send an email to us when the thing was ready, and they would post something official. So I'll wait until they do that.
  7. you could always film your pdf...lol
  8. I'm baffled.... I was on my Dashboard, clicked on "Submit" and it redirects me to the 10 Step List.... I click "Submit My First Trick Now" and it took me back to my dashboard. Can anyone help with this? It won't let me submit and keeps switching between two totally unhelpful pages!
  9. I don't know, it's working for me. One suggestion I have is that no where in the Wire section do I see how people will even find new tricks? Are the newest tricks the ones that are featured? Or what? Because if they don't show any of the tricks, then all people will ever see is the top paid ones, which will be always top paid because no one will see the other tricks. Maybe add an "all tricks" section?
  10. I've found that I can get to the submit form only one way: When you get to the how to submit page, hit the submit button near the slogan Innovate. Publish. Advance. Inspire. The one near the bottom doesn't work for me.
  11. You could do a "powerpoint" type video. I have a mentalist piece that I think I'll do like that. I'll just do a preview of me performing in the video and then after they download it I'll give my email or a link with the pdf version. I'm trying to see if I can work it out so it looks good though.
  12. Even though there is no specific place that says Upload PDF, click Upload on the instructional part. Click on the PDF anyway, even though it's not a video. It still accepts the media and attaches it.
  13. Good find :) I wonder if they did that intentionally or not.
  14. To: The guys and gals that have to review the submissions.
    And so it begins.​
    From: does not want that job.

    (but will support The Wire)
  15. Ah this made me actually laugh out loud.
  16. Hey Will, PDF's are fully supported and absolutely welcomed. You'll still need a preview video to show people what they're getting, though.

    In less than one week, over 400 artists created accounts on The Wire. Submissions are now ENABLED! The Wire is LIVE. We spent the past 3 days locked in the office hunkered down fixing a few remaining bugs in the submission process. Everything is now enabled and ready to roll! The Wire is live, and now it's in your hands. A great new effect was added tonight by Bob Smith (Salvation), and many more will be added in the coming days as submissions are rolling in.
  17. Hey Michael, this has been fixed - try it now! Good catch!
  18. There is a "Most Popular" list at the side...at the bottom of that list, there is a horizontal list for "Featured" videos...under that there is another horizontal list entitled "Newest". This is where you'll find the newly submitted tricks.
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    Jonathan said that PDF would be accepted.\


    Edit: Well Duh he jsut said.

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