Worst thing that happened during a performance?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Donald C., Jun 17, 2008.

  1. One time I was performing an ACR and the guy told me to turn around while he was signing, so when I turned back around I put the card face up on the bottom of the packet and proceeded with a triple to the top when I turned the packet over and supposebly put his card in the middle he knew it was not his card because he signed both sides of the card!!!!
    Oh that really stunk don't ever turn aroun during an ACR.
  2. Why did you turn around while he was signing it? You're obviously going to see it anyway... there's no point in not looking. But, the worst thing that happened to me... I don't think anything really bad has happened to me during a performance... at least not that I remember.
  3. First off I did not randomly turn around. READ BETTER!
  4. I did read it. PERFORM BETTER! You are the magician, you are in control of your performance, you should have said, "I'm going to see it later, anyway, so it doesn't matter if I watch you sign it." See how easy that would have been? And you never would have had the problem you had.
  5. You did not have to reply at all to what I had posted I did not ask for your feedback all I wanted to know is whats the worst thing that happened to you. You are definately not perfect at magic and whenever I see you reply to something you only have something bad to say you never give anyone a good job!
  6. I know I'm not perfect- but I try my best. I know I have many flaws, and I admit that. No, you didn't ask for my feedback, but if that happened, you obviously need it. And to the last part about me always being negative- what am I supposed to say, "Good job for allowing your spectator to do that!" I wasn't mean in any way, until you insulted my reading ability. I just offered some ways to prevent it from happening again, that's it.
  7. Im not stupid I obviously would not do that again that is only commen sense. Im just saying everytime I ask for feedback you definately never say anything good about me like when I performed the erdnase and put it as a post everyones like oh good ob that was terrific or something like that and then you are just like I have definately seen better.
  8. Hey man, you need to take a chill pill. Yes, I had seen better. I even commented that yours was very good... I specifically remember that. Yes, I have a lot of criticism for videos, etc. But people also have a lot of criticism for mine, and if they say it sucked, and give me a legitimate reason, I accept it, fix it, and move on.

    I'm definitely not trying to be mean, I just speak my mind. I apologize if I came off as rude or mean to you, as it was not my intention.
  9. Yeah man Im sorry to it ust seemed like you were out to get me for some reason. LOL. Yeah but do you have any videos where I can check youout I don't think I have ever seen you perform.
  10. No, I'm definitely out to get you. Rarely do I pay attention to who I'm critisizing, just what they did. :p

    Yeah, I'll PM you my YouTube account... check your inbox about... 1 minute after this post.
  11. harsh harsh harsh
  12. People make mistakes, magicaman1212 made a small one, it happens.

    Next time, add this line:
    "Put your name on the FACE of the card".

    Problem solved :)

    When delivering information to the spectator to do, the more clear instructions with minimum wording, the better.

    Its easy to say "perform better", "your in control of your audinece", but how can we do this? This is rarely covered.

    The lines you say are important, also, make yourself confident.

    Hope this helps,
  13. This is a great example of WHY WE HAVE PRIVATE MESSAGES. This whole thread is a 2 person argument! LAME. Booo Teenage angst.

    Worst thing to happen to me? Years ago I performed "out of this world" once and did the trick wrong. I got every card wrong because of doing the wrong slight. That Sucked.

    I also lost my balance once when I was a teen doing the Balducci levitation... also pretty bad.
  14. mmmh beefy...:cool:
  15. The worst thing that happened to me is probably taking out a normal deck of cards when I meant to pull out a stripper deck and did a triumph routine when I really do weave the cards in face up and face down. When I went to "fix" the deck (Don't want to expose the workings of a stripper deck) I couldn't, I was so shocked that I froze. LUCKILY, I caught a glimpse of his card and was able to switch into a prediction type trick. They asked me why I did that crazy shuffle but I made up an excuse and river danced the hell outta there. =P
  16. I was doing flow and i told her to take her hand away from the bottle and she dropped the whole bottle...
  17. hahaha :p thats good
  18. Muscle Pass, the coin slipped..... Didint go up, but went to the side. lol
  19. A flock of pigeons flew over head. Need I say more?

  20. Guys! Chill out. Take a breather and then have a nice respectful conversations like adults.

    Anyway, I got kicked out of the mall for doing a card through window. It was awsome.

    Dylan P.

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