Wrap It 2.0 By Pablo Frey

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  1. soo hey there guys like you know or maybe you don't know but i just publish wrap it 2.0 based on chap wrap 2.0 created by jibrizy taylor and myself.
    you can check it on here: https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/pablo-frey/wrap-it-20

    i invite you to check wrap it 2.0 and if you want buy it :) that would be awesome...... :)

    btw if you already have it please leave a review that would be awesome too :)

    a little note: the original Chap Wrap 2.o is now on sale on Penguin so if you want the original version you can buy it for just $2 :)
  2. Can this be done with any rubber band?
  3. Hey there mark thanks for asking.. In response to your question: yes you can! With any type of rubber band.

    Now can it be borrow?? You can but you need to do a little something. I don't show it on the download but if you have some experience in magic that would not be any problem

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