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    Searching for specific Coin to bag trick

    Hello, I once saw a trick on penguin were a coin was thrown up in the air and then transformed into a tiny bag in the size of a coin which then contained the coin. Unfortunatley I forgot how it was called. Does anyone know it by chance?
  2. A

    Difference between Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards

    Now this question might sound stupid, but I'm confused. Is there a difference between the Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards? I mean both are selling at almost the same price on the Penguin Magic website. If there is can you help me with: 1. Which one is easier to...
  3. B

    Is there anywhere where Sixth Sense 2.5 by Hugo Shelley is in stock?

    Looks like the supplier needs to stock up, but there isn't anywhere that has this in stock, right?
  4. Maaz Hasan


    Hey guys, I may have an opportunity to go to the Penguin Magic's Live Magic Expo in Philadelphia. If I do, this will be my first ever magic convention (or major gathering). I was just wondering a few things and would like to have some info. Please tell me about what these conventions are like...
  5. Toby Langdon

    Departure price

    Hi all, I just noticed that departure is $5 cheaper on penguin than T11. I was just wondering why that is, I mean it's the same gimmick just seems to be taught by different people with a different trailer. Are there any benefits T11 has compared to penguin?
  6. PabloFreyG

    Wrap It 2.0 By Pablo Frey

    soo hey there guys like you know or maybe you don't know but i just publish wrap it 2.0 based on chap wrap 2.0 created by jibrizy taylor and myself. you can check it on here: i invite you to check wrap it 2.0 and if you want buy it :)...
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