Your Favourite Effect

Jul 29, 2008
What's your personal favourite effect you've seen or you can personally perform yourself. Also if your a flourisher or like seeing flourishes what might be a few of your favourites?

Mine would probably be Red Hot Mama or Chicago Opener to... open? Or it would be some random gaff tricks as well as a short ambitious card routine. I kinda just started magic so I'm not really that great at this art yet. But it's coming along quite well.

I know it's not really a flourish but for me it always catches someone's attention and it's just a normal card spring but it looks so smooth and kinda flashy.



hmm I think my Favorite Effect would have to be David Blaine's Deck to back pocket. I Love that effect.

My favorite flourishes have to be: DownFall from D+M and Mayhem also from D+M. I have kinda been more into my flourishing then Magic right now though =/
Mar 16, 2008
for flourishes i like....11:14 (madness), molecule 4 (trilogy), fly (dangerous), sybil in the rain (dangerous) and lots more

Michael Kras

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Sep 12, 2007
I likez the Kaos trick and the Deangerous DVD tricks.... Distortion is sooo COOL too!! LOLZ

But seriously folks... I'd have to say at this point in time, my favourite effect is Oil and Water. I have my routine comprised of some original work, along with work by Ed Marlo and two phases by Dai Vernon. I tend to mix and match every time I perform it and it always ends with a full deck seperation climax as well. I've also taking a huge liking to Chris Kenner's Twin Peaks.
Sep 2, 2007
Houston, TX
I like the biddle trick, spongeballs, royal assembly by joshua jay, cups and balls, most coin stuff, and (not really a trick but..) ultra smoke 2000 oh yeah and hofzzy osbourne
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My favorite trick currently would be Sybil the Trick, 3 effects wrapped into one great routine.

My favorite flourish I can do is the Sybil :p...but seeing as I don't flourish alot my favorite flourish would be Twisted Rain by D+M.

Jun 27, 2008
you guys are probably going to think im a noob, but one of my all time favorite card tricks is david blaine's two card monte. it is one of the first tricks i came across and it is simple and gets great reactions!!! i also like card to mouth, the aces trick in dangerous followed by the transpo in dangerous using the two red aces.
My personal favorite is Angle Zero. It is one of the most powerful effects that I have ever seen and when I perform the reactions I get are the same as if I cured cancer. So that's what I recommend.

Jul 27, 2008
its hard to say one thing but i would probably say the 3 card monte other wise know as this and that. when i was like 6 it was the first trick i ever bought and to this day i still perfom it. i do it with a joker an ace of spades and an ace of diamonds. for one of the more simple effects it blows peoples minds and it never gets old to see that reaction.
Apr 28, 2008
The trick that consistently gets the best reaction for me is Triumph, I think it's one of the most powerful effects possible with a regular deck of cards.
Dec 22, 2007
California: LA

My favorite trick is a trick that i created myself. I call it Denial. I would say this is a dananddave-style trick, simply because everything is completely original, visual, and everything happens in the hands...

A card is selected (signed if desired), and returned to the pack and lost... the performer takes a random card and proceeds to tearing the corner off. the big piece is left outjogged into the deck face-down, while the torn corner is face up on top of the pack. with a gentle waving motion of the hand, the piece changes into that of their selected (signed) card. the changed corner is taken and visually restored onto the different card... this is almost like a weird TnR...the card can be immediately handed out for inspection....It can be handed out as a souvenir, but if desired, you can kick it up a notch by placing the card onto the deck and giving a slight shake, thus changing the restored card into their original selected card...

i have to say that this is an effect thats very easy and really visual, so id say its the perfect trick...

im thinking of submitting this to a website.... i dont know which..



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Sep 1, 2007
Always has been and always will be the razor blade illusion. Stage wise anyway. Close-up milage may vary. For reactions, I have to say I perform card between the hands (No idea it's official name) because it ALWAYS gets a great reaction and creates instant credibility as a magician and d amn fine one at that.

Ahhhh magic in the hands.


Aug 31, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I think I would have to say the queens version by Dan and Dave.

I have put so much effort into that effect, you have no idea and once I get the confidence to perform it, I can't wait to see what it will be like.
Jul 15, 2008
I think invisible deck is pretty sweet.

I don't really enjoy performing it THAT much, since I personally prefer doing more challenging tricks, but damn, do people react to that one.

One time, I did it during this camping trick w/ some friends and friends of friends. Anyway, I do invisible deck, and the girl who named the card just throws her half-full can of beer in my face. I dropped the cards... the grass was pretty damp... Had to ditch the deck :( after that. Good thing was, people just attributed the ***SECRET***METHOD*** to the cards simply having been messed up from the fall.
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