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  1. If you haven't seen this...check it out.

    Now...I don't know about you guys...but there are certain tricks in magic that I have a "fetish" for. Levitations, card thru window, and penetration effects using bottles, etc. That's why I bought Ziplocked WITHOUT watching the preview. I decided to take a leap of faith. I sent the link to a friend who watched it and said it looked fantastic. So I watched it. It does.

    If you're a bunch of lazy bastards (I kid) and didn't watch the preview, here's what the description is: You have a spectator take out a coin and sign it. You then take out a ziploc baggie, blow it up, and zip it shut. You hold it out in front of you. Here's the good part... You THROW the coin thru the air and it penetrates the bag. No sh*t. That's exactly what happens. It's not stuck to the back of the bag or anything. It is indeed inside the bag. You can even have the spectator hold it and you can do this trick.

    The method: I'm at ends at what to type. At first...I didn't like it. After watching all of it, I really like it. It really is good.

    The handling: Rob teaches 3 different versions: One with you holding the bag, one with the spectator holding the bag, and one version with a smaller plastic baggie. He teaches you all you need to know to make this as convincing as possible. I don't why you wouldn't be convinced. It looks unlike any penetration effect I've ever seen.

    Quality: It's E. The download was of very nice quality and rolled in at 217mb. Not bad.

    Difficulty: It's not very difficult at all.

    Construction of "the gimmick": It really is a joke to call it a gimmick. Anyway, the gimmick will take two seconds to prepare and you're ready to go.

    Overall I give this a 7/10. Very nice job Rob.
  2. Do you need anything extra to make the gimmick?
  3. ive always been skeptical about E and ive told myself i would never purchase anything from them again. so i need to make sure its worth it. it is only $10. but im 14...$10 is...well $10. are there any extra objects you need to use to prepare it or anything like that?
  4. I just bought it and watched it and the extra thing you need I promise you will have at your house so don't worry.
  5. yea but is it something that i may have on the go? cause i like stuff that i could do on the cuff like at my friends house or even at a restaurant or something...
  6. ya I mean if your going to carry a ziplock bag with you than it can be prepared and you can carry it around.
  7. my worries is if i ask for a ziplock bag at my friends house or the restaurant or something. but i guess theres no getting around that, i think i might buy this....
  8. It looks like an extremely clean effect! I would get it, just to play around with, but I'm not sure how you can perform this and have it really make sense. A ziplock bag is kind of an awkward object to introduce for a trick.
  9. I like it but I don't love the effect. And you can't just borrow a bag and do it but ya it is kinda fun to play around with. Also, I probably will do indecent by Wayne Houchin than go into this effect since the bag is already introduced.
  10. Rob even mentions he uses Garrett Thomas' Ring Thing to lead into Ziplocked as he does it with their borrowed ring.
  11. This is probably the cleanest looking coin into anything I've ever seen. Does the toss really look like a toss? But the ziplock bag IS a tad bit of a presentation problem. Worth the pocket space?
  12. He actually does toss the coin at the bag. No bs there. I thought, he's not actually tossing it. He is. I think it's definitely worth the pocket space. However, it will not be for everyone.
  13. Is it practical? Do you have to make the gimmick or is it just laying around my house right now?
  14. I can almost guarantee you that it's laying at your house right now. And it's very practical.
  15. Thanks J.Slade for the kind words in your review!

    My absolute favorite is to do Garrett Thomas' Ring Thing and then (this was a Gregory Wilson idea) apparently, nonchalantly THROW the specs ring behind you, as if you are done with it...bring out the bag and say "actually, I want to do one more thing, do you have another ring I can borrow?" They laugh (and are probably kinda angry because they just saw their ring fly thru the air and heard it hit the ground) but then you say "we will just use this one" and show the ring you just threw back on your thumb. From there I do Ziplocked.

    Another thing I have done to introduce the bag, because no doubt a ziplock bag is fishy - I would ask to borrow a coin or a ring, and while they are getting that out I pull the bag out and ask "Do you know why we need this bag?" They say "why?" and typically I'll say something like "Because if what I show you doesn't amaze you....well..I'll probably cry and then use this bag to asphyxiate myself.." That gets a laugh and then I do Ring Thing, or something with the quarter and then go back and say "I want to show you one more thing, and we will actually use the bag."

    One thing is for sure, I don't believe you should go straight into Ziplocked, though I have done it. I really feel that you should lead into it, warm your spectators up with little routines like Ring Thing and such. Build some rapport THEN hit 'em with the good stuff!
  16. RK are you Rob Greenlee? And I think I'm gonna use that asphyxiation line lol
  17. Yeah, I sure am! Should have stated that in my other post.. lol
    And go for it man! It's funny to see the looks on their face when you say it lol
  18. No doubt. Do you have a FB man?
  19. Are you left clean? Can the spectator examine the bag and everything?
  20. He offers to different ways to end up clean so the spectator can examine the bag at the end

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