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    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us + Mathieu Bich

    So here is my entry into the contest, my apologies ahead of time for nonsense blabbering, its almost 11 am by me now and I have been up since 4 yesterday due to my job and shows. Essentially a burned and restored card but everything is examineable at the end. I was trying to show that you can...
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison

    Hello Mr. Madison here a few questions to tantalize your brain cells; 1) Why do you chose to portray yourself thru black and white video? -is this what you want us to envision what your own mind perceives an idea or concept thru bits and pieces? 2) With T11, your new project...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Snc Artifice-page 63 Shifted-page 111 "Blind"-page 20
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    Business Card design...any graphics people here?

    Hello my friend, I would love to help design a logo and if you wish a business card, I am not a company but an inspiring independent graphic designer. I have designed a few logos including my own, and one of my colleagues. If you wish to have samples of the logos p.m and we can discuss the...
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    What you guys think

    OOOO....looks great man, Im glad I was fortunate to see this idea start from concept to a final working version, and lets just say great minds think alike. Keep it up and come on guys lets hear your thoughts :)
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    Jack of all Trades

    Hey thanks for the reply, and you make a valid point in how the handling seems excessive, the reason it seems a bit much is due to the fact I cannot create valid misdirection through a camera lens. This is an older routine from a few months ago and in actual performance for an audience this...
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    Jack of all Trades

    Hey guys and gals, freaks and geeks, wanted to post a video presentation of one of my own routines filmed during my weekly jam sessions with my colleague Andy Luka...enjoy and comment. Love to hear your thoughts
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    Negativity towards The Pinky count.

    Honestly when I first learned the pinky count from my mentor, I thought it was impossible...etc. But through my trials and tribulations, its the main one- handed double lift get ready that I use. Its useful in sooo many ways and can be applied to a plethora of concepts. Double lifts, advance...
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    Need a camera.

    hey man, I was in the same situation as you were and well I found a handheld thats roughly the same price as the flip mino hd, although lots of fan boys love it, I am staying clear, cuz this right here...
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    Daniel Garcia Projects - Sneak Preview

    DG just posted this on twitter and via facebook....enjoy :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

    "Sands of Time" Magic is what completes me, learning that double lift or that french drop when I was way back in my childhood help me escape from the hectic life of being a social outcast, and never fitting in. I could escape the emotional and sometimes physcial abuse of my father, and I am not...
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    KKK 3 Coin Vanish

    As Eric Jones has stated to me thru conversations on Facebook, this is his workhorse. As for me it also was one of the very few pieces of coin magic that influenced me to indulge and become a serious coin worker. This can be done sleeveless, as it doesn't matter really. The three Klan vanish was...
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    Shane Black :: Conceptions of Mystery

    Conceptions of Mystery has alot of great material, and I want to thank also Shane for letting me a part of it. So far, my favorite effects have to be Sweetly Done, Poor mans ring flight, Card thru box live, and Felony. Glad your enjoying the pdf man :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion - Eric Ross

    SNC :: Roundtable - Eric Ross Hey Eric, 1:: Amongst the ever growing popularity of pk like effects, such as Spin, Fallen, Shudder, etc....What does Crush have to offer thats different, not necessarily in method but in terms of how does it compare or stand out amongst its competitors...
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    An Extension of Me | Available Now

    Hey Eric, loving the new material man...let me just say something about Mirage et Troi (spelling?)....if you dont mind. It was the first dvd that helped elevate my coin magic even further, now Im going hardcore and in depth jus as I would with cards. Ive used the 3 phased routine in my magic...
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