1. A

    Tarantula v1 ideas

    So with Christmas around the corner I have been asked to play santa at my daughter's school. Anyway I received a tarantula v1 with no instructions ( I believe it to be a copy) and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on something magical I can do to amaze the kid's when they come into Santa's...
  2. J

    Bought the Venom ITR, wondering where else I can find effects that can be performed with the gimmick

    Hey guys, I'm a long time browser of the forum but just created an account to ask this question. As the title says, I recently bought the venom ITR, and am loving it so far. I am very new to ITR but am finding this ITR fairly intuitive to pick up and start performing. However, I am looking to...
  3. ChrisW1

    Venom Thread Break Issues

    So I've owned Venom for just over a week now and I've really enjoyed playing around with it! Naturally, the thread that it comes with is very visible, so I managed to re-thread both devices with Kevlar thread, which is definitely a little less noticeable. Here's the issue I'm having at the...
  4. adrianrnst

    Best IT reel?

    Hi, I'm very interested in starting to work with IT again and was wondering if I should get the Tarantula 2, the Spider Pen Pro or Venom? Besides price and design, what is the difference between them and which is the better one. Thanks!
  5. acemagic52

    ITR Trick Reccomendations

    Does anyone have any recommendations for resources to learn more about how to use an ITR? I have a double ITR system (Venom) and I love the flexibility and simplicity. Now, I'd like to be able to expand from rings to coins without using wax. Anyone figure out or find new techniques worth sharing?
  6. C

    Do cheap thread reels not give much thread extension?

    I just got an IBoss ITR thread reel (Whooly) by Sorcery that I was playing with for the first time today. Problem is, it will only extend about 4 feet before the tension becomes so tight, it will stop reeling (or just break). Is this normal for cheaper thread reels? I loosened the elastic...
  7. Numbnutts

    Do I need to buy magicians wax to perform with the Venom ITR?

    Ive seen several reviews of Tarantula 1 and 2 as well as product reviews for the Venom, but no one specifically mentions if you need wax to perform with the venom. Do you? And if not, what do I need?
  8. Numbnutts

    Can the Venom Project by Maggie Factory be used to perform the tricks in Invisible by Damian Savina?

    Hey people! I was just wondering something, is it possible to the Venom Project ITR's for the tricks demonstrated in the Invisible trailer on Im planning on getting one by christmas, and I really like the Venom, but the levitating ring trick in invisible is pure gold soooo...
  9. Antonio Diavolo

    Uses for an ITR besides levitation?

    I know I can do the Haunted Deck, moving glasses, and moving objects without touching them. Im assuming you could do a rising card trick and I’ve heard you can do a PK touch trick with one. What else can you do with an ITR like the tarantula besides levitations? Thank you!
  10. Antonio Diavolo

    Should I get Venom or Tarantula 2.0?

    I'm looking for a good ITR. I like the stopping mid-air aspect of Venom but I've heard lots of good things about the new Tarantula 2.0. I like how concealable it is and it seems to be more versatile but I'm not sure. Which one would be better? Lets hear your opinions!
  11. Derek Humberson

    ITR pains

    So was lucky enough to come across Yigal Mesikas Tarantula 2 through a friend. I have spent several hours practicing before I take routines out and give them a try on more than just my kids. I am fond of the haunted deck routine and floating lifesavers to my mouth as well as magnetic dollar...
  12. L

    Bad ITR trouble

    So I recently just got a cheap Chinese ITR for 2 bucks cause I had a bit extra cash on a gift card. I just got it in the mail and the gimmick is pretty visible in bright light and noisy. Does anyone have any tips on trying to make using the ITR better?
  13. M

    Top Ten Close up illusions

    Greetings all..!!! Ive been a fan of magic for over 15 years now, as hobby for 11 year and the rest as a semi pro close up magician. My specialty is close up and im pretty damn good at presentation. Sleight of hand is about 6.5 / 10 rating I guess. My question is what would you rate as the the...
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