sleight of hand

  1. D

    Can't remember effect/technique

    Hi everyone I randomly remembered out of the blue an effect, but only part of it. I rememeber I used to perform it and it was very clean, if I remember correctly the main technique/sleight in the effect could be applied to other tricks as well. The problem is that I somehow stopped performing it...
  2. The Budding Artist

    Color Change

    Hello! Does anyone know the name of this color change?
  3. MakotoMagic

    Working Coin Through Table Sequence

    Hi all, I recently released my "Coins Through Table Tool Belt" on the Marketplace, which teaches coins across and coins through table methods. Someone privately contacted me about which order to apply the methods in it, so I directed them to a live performance of the coins through table...
  4. K

    Help Finding the Name of This Color Change

    In one of the videos for the “torn, restored, transpo” on YouTube with Franco Pascali, he performs a visual color change that I’d like to learn, but I can’t find the name of it anywhere. Can someone help?
  5. I

    Is there somewhere I can get some help with the DMB Spread Contorl ?

    I purchased the DMB Spread Control download by Dan and Dave Buck and have been going though it for quite a while now but I am facing some issue with one particular aspect of the control. Currently there are no open guides to the finer details of this move since this is a non-public IP of Dan and...
  6. J

    What misdirection do you use in your magic tricks?

    I have practiced the classic pass for about 2 weeks, I can do it smoother and faster now. I am trying to replace the double undercut control. I want to know how could I distract audience not to look at my hands while I am doing the pass. And how do you misdirect audience generally?
  7. Avendsin

    Camera trick or no camera trick? My response to Daniel Madison's camera trick video

    After watching Daniel Madison's video on camera tricks, I could not help but share my own thoughts on this subject. Although I do disagree with Daniel on this topic, I should mention that I have nothing but respect for Daniel and his work. This is just a disagreement. It is an opinion to help...
  8. D

    New Card Trick

    I think I just created a new 2 card transposition and I want to submit it, but some of the moves involved are from other magicians, should I reach out to them and ask if I can submit this trick or not. One of the moves came from Luke Dancy and the other move in the routine was by Justin Miller...
  9. Jimmy88

    Double deal.

    He guys! I'm wondering if anyone out there could help me! I've spent some time now trying to nail down the double deal. Through much online searching I've found very little content on the subject. I'm currently using Expert Card Technique to learn the double deal from but I'm hoping there will...
  10. G

    # of cards for Perfect Production

    Hello, People of Theory11, A buddy and I are trying to learn the Perfect Production and we are doing decently. The only difference is the sizes of our hands. My friend has tiny hands and I have medium-big hands. We were wondering if there was some general rule of thumb for the amount of cards...
  11. S

    Most reliable way of doubling cards and to keep cards doubled without holding opposite sides

    So, I have dry hands and I live in a dry environment. As such, my cards slide very well against each other. However, this makes it difficult to keep doubled as well. I've tried the following: I've seen magicians simply pinch one side hard enough for the friction to keep it together, but it...
  12. J

    Help with my CAAN

    Hey guys, need some help with a slight issue I have with my CAAN. At one point, I need card to be placed into a specific position in the deck, say on 14th position, without the spectator knowing I have done so. What sleights do you guys utilise to place cards into specific positions. I thought...
  13. O

    Magic with Credit Cards

    Hey conjurers, I was hoping to hear of some effects you guys pull off with borrowed credit cards. I currently perform a short routine involving coin magic and was hoping to work a credit cards into the routine. Effects that I am currently working on are producing coins from cards and I am...
  14. Karo-K54

    Double Lift Convincers

    What are some double lift convincers? For example: the Jones change double convincer, a Stuart Gordon double etc.
  15. Karo-K54

    Good Books For Beginner Cardicians on a Budget?

    What are some good books to buy relating to card sleights and maybe flourishes (that's only a bonus) for someone between beginner and intermediate (can do imperfect faros, one handed cuts like Charlier, revolution and knuckle, beginner controls i.e. shuffle controls, push off double etc) that...
  16. Gabeu

    Coin Sleights

    I’ve been practicing a lot of coin routines, mainly just one coin, and have been having some trouble with finger movement. Any advice on reducing it as much as possible during retentions and such?
  17. 7ri_Kings

    What is the "move" that Penn was talking about?

    This is Michael Vincent's second appearance on Fool Us. At 27:09, Penn said the way he put the cards down on the table is something every magician needs to learn. I watched this in 720p, pausing and stopping, and zooming in through the entire routine countless times and I could not figure out...
  18. 7ri_Kings

    How far can sleight of hand magic go?

    Sorry, I don't know how to word the question. Just curious, if all you have is a deck of cards (plus any everyday items like Sharpie and paper), is there a point where classic sleight of hand magic just cannot compete with card magic done with expensive props or gimmicks?
  19. 7ri_Kings

    Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

    I'm about 3 weeks into card magic, so I barely know anything about this art yet. (you don't have to read this part...) I went to my local (2.5 hours away) magic shop last week looking for The Royal Road to Card Magic because Chris Ramsay suggested it, but the guy told me I should get Card...
  20. S

    An other way to use magic

    Hey guys! A lot of times I see magicians only sitting at home, practising and pracitsing, over and over again. But not many people actually go out and use the power they got. So I teamed up with a friend of mine and we tried to pick up girls using magic. Here is the link () if you want to see...
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