1-on-1 what's going on?

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  1. i remember a t11 artist saying they had just finished recording some new stuff for 1-on-1 about a month ago there is nothing. I also heard it was supposed to be updated monthly and there has been nothing added this month.

    i was just wondering whats going on
  2. yeah Aaron fisher was talking about a 1-on-1 project he said they already recorded

    but personally i think they are really busy with TNR thats why nothing is out right now (including the jones change grrrrr)
  3. Hey guys - my fault. We have about 18 1on1 videos that we're sitting on... Dana & I have been so busy with TNR that we just haven't had the time to complete post-production on them all. We have stuff from Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher, Chris Kenner & more from the Bucks. I promise that we'll get them out as soon as we can! I'll talk to you guys soon!
  4. Somebody said the Jones change would be up when the TnR DVD is sent to duplicated , and seeing as that is coming out 23rd I would expect they have been duplicated already , some people have been waiting for the jones change since when the trilogy content list was announced , where is it?
  5. Wow.. you all are just dying to throw your money away.

    C'mon... give them time to make a quality and aesthetically pleasing product. cause if they didn't you'd just complain about how the quality sucked.

    Patience is a virtue.
  6. agreed
    when the one on one videos do finally come out
    im sure therell be an explosion of new moves and sleights
    18 videos guys, thats a lot...and its something def worth waiting for

    as for now, i would suggest practicing and practicing the moves you already know
    remember, the ametuer practices until he gets it right, the professional practices until he cant get it wrong
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    Regarding the Jones Change -- as stated above -- the guys are busy preparing various goods and services for us:
    Hope this helps.

  8. thx wayne 19 wow!!! i was just thinking like 1 or 2 can't wait
  9. How about you guys just all perfect the sleights you already know?
    It's all about quality not quantity.

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