$4.95 Discount Not Working?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jacob, Jun 1, 2010.

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    So I recieve an email from Theory 11 informing me that theyre giving out 4.95 coupons. I was excited and went on Theory 11 to purchase the effect I was looking for. Then im informed that not 3 hours since I recieved the email that the discount was for 72 hours, the discount no longer works. Could we please get an explaination please.
  2. Wrong place to post this. Submit a ticket.
  3. Alright Sorry
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    I just got home to get the same thing. It really sucks that a few people have to ruin it for the rest of us...Talk about a disappointment...

    Any way to let us who don't abuse the system to get our free gift?
  5. Dang that sucks...I got the same thing.
  6. Well the guy above me said to submit a ticket so I guess Ill do that.
  7. And what might that be?
  8. Were just about to pick something up :( But someone were abusing it somehow so they somehow shut it off for a while :(
  9. I was actually able to pick up "IN-Flight" by Daniel Madison before the promo code got shut off. Thanks Theory11! I really appreciate the free stuff and customer appreciation events.

    I checked back to purchase something else to thank Theory11 for their generousity, as I am proud to support a company that gives me free things, and it said "due to misuse of promo codes by a very select few, all promo codes have been disabled at this time". People must have been making several accounts to get several free items.
  10. This royally sucks, and we're not happy about it. Our intention was to do something nice to reward those that have supported us. We acted in complete sincerity and were willing to give away something for FREE. However, for a select few people, that wasn't enough. Those individuals intentionally abused the system and created many, many bogus accounts. This essentially amounts to stealing, which is even more egregious as we were already offering something for free! Totally not cool.

    What sucks the most is that in doing so, those few people ruined the fun of several thousand others. We're not happy about it just as much as you guys are. And everyone that abused the system will be contacted individually by our team.

    We're looking into possible solutions as we speak to try to get this offer back up soon for those that did not get a chance to use it. But until then, it will have to remain inactive. To those that DID get a chance to use this offer legitimately, thank you for being responsible and courteous.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Sorry if I seemed a bit rude but i was just kinda pissed that it seemed like a tease. That sucks that people take advantage of T11s gift.
  12. Darn it! I was just going to pick something up!
  13. Ahh bummer. Stupid hackers screwing things up for everybody.
  14. ahh!!!!!! people make me mad :mad:. i spent 10 minutes before reading this post thinking what i wanted to get
  15. This sucks I just got home from work, I got the e-mail at 11 AM today about a coupon, I go to use it the "View Cart" says :
    NOTE: Due to misuse and abuse by a select few customers, all coupon codes are currently DISABLED.

    Then I go to "Check Out" for the heck out it, where I would enter the coupon code says,
    Redeem a coupon code (currently disabled):
  16. Yeah me too, but for now I guess we have more time to think what we are going to get. Thanks T11 for the great gift even thought I haven't got the chance to redeem it. Hope yall get the problem fixed.
  17. $4.95

    Thank You JB and all of Theory11 for giving us this generous opportunity. Even if the $4.95 does not end up working out, I will obviously still support the website. Sad that people cannot act mature and accept this great offer. Thanks Again T11!!

  18. Man just spent about 20 minutes deciding what to get only to hear that it's turned off =(. The good thing about theory11 is that I know that they are doing everything they can to make it work out for the non-abusers.
  19. Ooohhh maybe you should disable the option to create new members for the time period when your release the coupons. And ban the guys who have multiple accounts.
  20. I like this solution. :)

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