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  1. so i was in history taking the finals. i did a few card tricks to my proctor after and she is the music teacher. at first her reactions arent that good. so the bell rings and i go to work shop ( i call it tech ). I was in the middle of staining my CD rack when a kid comes in and announces to the whole class that the music teacher wants to see me. So as im exiting im thinking O' crap what did i do???
    As i enter she asks me if i could do a few tricks for the class. i didnt have my cards on me and i had stain on my gloves:(:(:(:(... So she asked me to perform Fri. ( 2morrow ).

    Heres the question, should i gather them into a bundle around me and perform like street magic or perform while they sit down??
    there are 18 kids in her class.

    i was also wondering if i should pull out WOW by Masuda or Distrtion by W:H.

    im also more into D&D's tricks, what are good to perform there. Usually i perform to 5 people max. I know how to work a crowd.
  2. Use the tricks that got you "booked."
  3. If there is a white board or something, a trick standing up as they sit with the one ahead principle would work well. Also, if they are all sitting at their desks maybe something like Hair by Daniel Garcia or a loop PK effect could work well. Even just forcing a card with an amazing reveal (hide a dupe somewhere in the room and build up with patter) should work fine.

    As for WOW, I don't recommend performing it for such a large group. It is much more effective if they see it change in a more close up situation. Also, the kids may ask to inspect your gimmick or something, which could end up badly.

    Hope this helps :)

  4. I'm not sure what you'll perform but I would definitely say not to have them lower than you sitting around you. There are so many tricks where the only bad angle is from underneath and then they won't see the cards as well as they should.
  5. the chairs are gradually increased as you get to each row , like stairs. its pretty weird.,
  6. Rope, rope, rope! Sanders or Stone if you have either of those.

    Card trick that play large, like boomeranging cards in the air, or a fireworks multi-selection routine. Check out Ricky Jay's routine on YT.

    Simple mentalist stuff perhaps.
  7. Go Gimmick less. They're going to want to see the items I would bet. Pressure is excellent if you know it, Impromptu anything is good for that matter.
  8. do the things that you are most comfortable with....nothing too risky....i'm talking on a comfort level, but if you have the comfort of doing big effect go for it....this is how reputations are born and expand...if i was you i'd do just a little some and tell them to maybe come to your shows or if they want to see more hire you for a party or dance or something like that....u get the point...
  9. What tricks did you do for your teacher? What other tricks do you know? I say do a mix of new material along with some of the material that you performed before. Start of with a couple new tricks, then mix in a couple old ones your teacher saw, then finish off with new ones. That way your teacher's first words won't be "I've seen this one before. It's a good one. It's the one where he blah lbah blah blah." Also you might want to tweak your patter so that it'll play well for a larger crowd, so everyone will be entertained.

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