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    I've been in magic for the past 3 years, I perform about once a day at school or in the street, and I've done about 20 private parties as a close-up magician (mostly table hopping).
    Today I had the great pleasure to talk with an event organizer, and I asked him if he could get me a place where I could perform my first stage show.
    Now, I am very exited and I'm writing this post to ask you some advices:

    Its a mentalism act so i thought of the following Routine:

    -At the beginning,I'll ask someone to draw something (U.I.) that will be revealed at the end of the show,
    - Open with Emotional intelligence,
    - Then colossal blizzard,
    - probably end with The Magic Square (Luke Jermay's)
    -and Finish with the reveal of the drawing

    Now I don't have any stage experience at all, but I want to do it.

    The show is in April (I don't have the exact date yet)

    I don't know how much people will be there (probably around 50)

    and i will maybe get a camera with a big screen.

    Please,feel free to give me any advice or comment on anything.

    Thank you.:)
  2. Now I dont do much stage mentalism and I may not know what Im talking about but to me it seems kinda a long time between the drawing and the reveal
    thats just my thoughts on the matter :)
  3. you are trying to do to much. It seems like you have no set direction to your show and more imporantly no set premise as to how you are doing these effects. An other huge problem (atleast in my eyes) is that you are doing EI way too early in the set. It is a slower piece than needs a lot of rapport with you and your audience and is not a very good piece to essentially be your opener.

    Enough with the negatives and a few ideas that you may want to consider:

    Your first effect should be you, and your first 'real' effect should involve the whole audience or atleast a fairly large random part of it. Psychological forcing will work quite well the 37 / 68 (86) is a favourite of mine as is the one Bob cassidy uses in his show.

    Colossial Blizzard is very hard to play as a piece of pure mentalism as in its heart it is still a card trick. If you want something like that I would force a card on someone (preshow or real time equivoque) and leave them with the deck in their possesion the entire time. (Bryn Reynolds Seven is very good for this.)

    As I stated EI is a much more personal piece so if you have developed a real rapport it will go over well however it can drag and should be left to a later part of your show (especally in a longer show).

    The Magic Square is something that can easily be played off as a look at me type thing, and really hos no real value if present incorrectly. It often comes across as think of a number what is it look I will do some stupid maths matrix and bamb, look how smart I am.

    I could go on for quite awhile but if you want my advice send me a PM and I will help you through designing a show with you.
  4. weak show.
    putting on a mentalism show without having read any books on it. -.-

    advice = contact d ice r. seems like he knows what hes talking about.
  5. The best advice I can give is The Artful Mentalism for anyone who is very very serious about mentalism.

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