Amazing Kreskin on Jimmy Fallon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chris17, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Yeah just thought I'd let you guys know kreskin is on the late night show with Jimmy Fallon in a few. I think the itricks staff is slacking a bit lol.
  2. Thanks for the news. Though I never watch jimmy,I might this time.
  3. That was sooo LAME. What kinda pissed me off
    is he said it wasn't a magic trick what he was
    doing was like a real seance. Basically he had about 5 tables
    out on the floor he had a previously chosen group of people come
    down and put about 4 people on each table and as
    he focused his energy the tables miraculously started to shake and move across the floor. Any magician will know how this is done from the description of this trick.

    Lame sauce
  4. ...that's Kreskin. Not sure what you were expecting, heh.

    He's quite the showman, though. His audiences really eat up every word that comes out of his mouth; it's amazing. I was at a show he did in a nearby town (he did a cross-Canada tour last summer, I believe it was), and his whole act was like one big story, with a few effects mixed in (mostly mentalism), and a killer hypnotism ending.

    But yeah, when you actually see him perform, you'll notice that his sleights are extremely sloppy, he sometimes gets a bit confusing, but in the end, he amazes his audiences. He's living proof that you don't really need to have flawless sleights (or even half decent sleights, in his case)--you just need to have skills as a showman (and use misdirection well).

    Also, he indeed makes up the biggest load of crap to explain most of his effects. But again, he pulls it off, because audiences actually believe him. And he does this through a number of different means--one that he does more than any other is name drop. He'll name drop pretty much every celebrity's show he's been on, performed for, etc, to add credibility to what he does.

    My favourite, yet at the same time most upsetting, examples of how he incorporates a crap story with...well, more crap: He exposes a fake ring (after going on about how he'd never expose a magician's tricks--hypocrite, heh), used with some spectators' rings to "join" them together. He says that's how the magicians do it, but he does it "for real". He then proceeds to use that very same device to pull off the effect. Talk about ballsy.

    But yeah, that's Kreskin. His stories are full of crap, his sleights are sloppy, he name drops, but he's one heck of a story teller/performer. :)
  5. I expected him to perform that way and say what he did.
    He's in magic isnt he? We're supposed to make them believe insane things.
    Its better than saying theres a magic button on a card in an ACR
  6. Kreskin is awesome. I caught him on the Strombo show.

  7. Just saw Kreskin in Toronto.... awesome show.
    Was called up on stage for hypnosis, but unfortunately it didn't work on me. It was hilarious to see the other people and their reactions, when their little birds on their hands flew away from them and they chased them around the stage. Overall, a pretty cool show!

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