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  1. Haha as if these are even in the same league as the sistine chapels art.
    That extra year was because they took a break from drawing out the darn design.
  2. Yeah, that bit of hype was a little bit over the top. They did not work 5 years non-stop on Arcane playing cards, just like the Virts didn't spend 5 years non-stop working on their Anaconda DVD.

    Michealangelo spent nearly 4 years non-stop painting.
  3. Anyone know how long these will be avaliable for, as in are they going to be discontinued at any time to "make them exclusive" or will they always be avaliable? They look BA from my opinion.
  4. Given that they want to start their own brand of cards, it's probably a good bet they'll be staying, a la Guardians, etc.
  5. I don't like the thinner playing cards. They just don't feel right sometimes and really this is why I like the masters a lot better than most. They last longer and really don't look too weird.

    I did enjoy the ghost decks at one point in time, but I've gotten found of the Masters.
  6. I'm an E person myself (don't hurt me guys, I love T11 also and many other places:), and these cards look very nice. I love the detail on the smoke and ribbons.

  7. Well, just got them today, and have them in hand. Time will only tell how good they really are (like almost every other deck, they feel great out of the box), but as far as look goes, I happen to think these might actually be some of the best looking playing cards i've had my hands on.
  8. I agree JetEye these do look very creative and they actually look somewhat mystical, that is artistically of course.. But, why the haters?
  9. Oh god. Not everyone is going to like the same design ok? He wasnt "hating" or spitting fire in his post. He just doesnt like them.
  10. People get so defensive about their own allegiances.
  11. The arcane deck looks really slick, I'm still waiting for mine in the mail!


  12. Mr. Obvious strikes once again. You mean people have differing opinions? :O :O :O NO WAY! *sarcasm* Why do you always feel the need to answer for other people? We didn't ask you the question. We're genuinely interested to know why he thinks they "look like crap". Not to like them is one thing, but to say they look like crap? Come on, that's a bit of a stretch, don't you think?
  13. No its not a stretch at all. And he asked "why the haters" as if people were talking so bad about it. We? so you and that other guy got two together and decided this thread was only for you two? I know it wasnt directed at me. You and no one else here has had the problem of answering for someone else so why should I?
    As I said before,its not a stretch. Black on black and over the top design can look like crap for most. Simply that. He asked "why haters" and I responded to HIM.
    Not you.
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    I've been finding more and more you're posts are of little to no value. You didn't answer the question of "why the haters?"

    Yes, "we". The 2 people who asked the question about why people don't like the cards, were looking for an answer with a little more substance than your Napolean Dynamite response:

    "Oh god. Not everyone is going to like the same design ok? He wasnt "hating" or spitting fire in his post. He just doesnt like them."

    We're wondering why people like him "just doesn't like them". We realize people have differing tastes, but we want to why he doesn't like them, we want to know his exact reason is for thinking they look like crap. It's impossible for you to give me Chris' opinion on why he feels the Arcane playing cards look like crap. If you're going to answer for Chris and other people who don't like the cards, at least come up with some reasons why you feel people might not like the cards, other than "Not everyone is going to like the same design ok?"

    This is a thread was created for reviewing Arcane Playing Cards, afterall.
  15. Just got mine, The design is nice and the stock is ok but so far nothing of particular amazement yet... Its a thin stock so be careful as they will bend much easier. I would have to say the black decks design is nicer, but I really don't care for black faced cards.

    The color of the Glyphs on the white deck are kinda bland and don't really standout as much as I hoped they would. The Ace of Spades design is really nice, but.... its kinda small looking on the card...I mean its gotta fit in the card, but at the same time its just not as appealing as I thought it would be.

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  16. Thank you Kontents, this a great example of the kind of intelligent responses I was hoping for.

    My point is visualartists, whether you like the cards or not, I don't care, but at lease explain yourself when you post your opinion in a review thread.
  17. The twist to that is that this wasnt a review thread at all.
    It simply started off by saying "check out these new cards".
  18. Actually, it's a thread about a new product, posted in the product reviews forum as an open discussion to. So yes, it's meant to review the playing cards, and be a discussion of the pros and cons of look, feel, ect.
  19. no,no. Product reviews are placed here. for example a review like Dougs that he puts up. Listing already the pros and cons and how good the product is. Like an actual review.
    Your discussing something that tilts toward the product questions section.
    Thats where products are discussed.
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    No no, you're dead wrong. If what you're describing is true, the reply feature would be disabled in all review threads. We're not asking product questions we're reviewing the product. We're all giving our personal opinions on the product, not asking product questions. Giving our personal opinions on a product is reviewing the product, not asking product questions.

    A product question example would be "how much do these costs?" "what do they look like?" "when are they coming out?"
    what kind of finish do they have?" "who makes these cards?" "do they include gaffs?" ect.

    A product review question would be "what is your opinion on these cards?" "how do you rate the feel?" "how do you rate the appearance?"

    This is a product review discussion as it pertains to peoples opinions about the cards. Product questions pertain to facts about the cards.

    An actual product review that doesn't start in open discussion, like the one you posted about doug, may include facts about the cards, so you have an idea of what the review is about, but in the end, a review is all about opinion.

    No disrespect. I'm done debating for today. Have a Happy Halloween!

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