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  1. These decks look friggen' schweeeet! Something from E other than their basic bicycle backs! FTW.
  2. Here is a pic i took of my white ones. The flourish is 3P by Jonas Haglund ;)

  3. Haven't seen that flourish for a while... Certainly played around with it for a little while. I can only imagine how that would look with a tux.
  4. Black deck sucks, the white one will come to my collection and i will use them in my spirit work.

    Awesome deck as it seems!


    PS. This just might be the only deck i like from ellusionist.
  5. At least they are not hyping them up by keeping the design secret and making goose chases, like t11.

  6. No, E would never, ever do that. -_-"

    What's with the anti-hype, anyway? It happens with anything, really. Whatever gets business. As long as you don't fall for hype, and make a good decision.
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    New Deck for You To Drool Over

    Ellusionist has done it again. Yet another over hyped mass produced special custom deck to hit the shelves in a couple of days. (if it hasn't already)

    The Arcane Deck. Link here:

    Complete with an over hyped "contest". I'll spare you the click through. Here's basically what it is. Order a bunch of crap from us now, within the next 24 hours, and MAYBE if your lucky, an employee of ours will hand pick your order (so long as it has an arcane deck in it) to receive a uncut copy of the card art that only the graphics team has.

    Unfortunately, I think we've come to an impasse in playing card "technology". I think we're at a point that we can no longer produce a "better" product. I doubt these cards are any more superior to tallys, as tally's are to tigers, etc. I think we can only produce "different" cards.

    As for different cards are concerned, these I will say do look nice. They have a rune theme running through them. Certainly a different flavor from what we've seen so far.

    What can I say, I'm a harsh critic when it comes to playing cards. Especially when the video is 2 minutes long, set to epic music, and does nothing to really tell you about the product.

    I guess you'll be your own judge.

    Personally, if they wanted to do a release contest for free prizes... I know how I'd set it up to give away an amazing prize, guarantee a ton of pre-sales, AND people would go ape crap to play my game. Not to mention people would be talking about the event for some time to come.

    Hey T11.... if your interested PM me. This idea is too good to just toss out where anyone can read.
  8. Is it just me, or does anyone else hate the previews at E. They always turn out grainy or pixilated. The cards look alright. I don't care much for the faces except for the ace. I like the design on the back. The faces just seem too busy.

    I can't really play with black decks anyway - too many people think they are "trick" decks. The only ones I have really ever liked have been Guardians.

    By the way...I loathe the Black Tiger decks. Hideous.
  9. Yeah, the decks looks alright, but I for once would like to see something different with the number cards. They're the same with every black deck they produce really.

    Anyway, I read the contest, and honestly it made me not want to buy the deck. I'd rather not have the deck at all, rather than play into their little boyish hype games.
    That's just me though.
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    Just a heads up, there's already a thread over in Product Reviews about the topic. :)

    When it comes to the cards, personally I'll be getting a few (of both white and black, although I'm thinking I'll like the white design more--I seem to gravitate towards white cards over most others) so I can actually make an informed critique of the cards. Like yourself, I think they look pretty neat--I like that they have a new theme to them. Apparently they even look somewhat 3-D, from what I've heard from their site--this is why I want to get the cards, because I've only heard things; I would really prefer to see for myself. I'm not sure what technology you're referring to, but given what's been released on their website, it seems like the increased quality of the images on the cards is what is being touted in regards to the betterment of these cards over others (a higher resolution, and apparent 3-D looking design(s)).

    When it comes to the hype--really, were you expecting any less? Even T11 brings out the hype machine for nearly every release (I will never forget the insane amount of hype regarding Pressure). Both companies carry far less products then some other sites out there (Penguin, etc), so each release is a huge deal for them--they need to make major sales, and resort to pretty much any means necessary to do so. :)

    Danny: Agreed about wanting to see something done with the numbers/pips. So few decks actually even touch the numbers when it comes to a re-design. I would have assumed they would continue the rune theme with their numbers and/or the pips on the card, at least somewhat changing them.
  11. They Look pretty cool!! I´ll be buying some...but not yet.

    the contest seems a little....crappy, I mean, only 16 people will win something, so I think I can pass on this one.

    but the deck looks great!!! I really like to use this kind of decks for magic, but they look awesome while flourishing
  12. Guess who won't be buying any? Me! Like the OP said, Ellusionist has once again succeeded in creating an overhyped deck that will sell to all the fanboys, but will soon be forgotten when the next "newest and greatest" deck is released. :rolleyes:

  13. You´re right, when Exile was about to be released I didn´t hear anything before the blaine´special... then after the special there was a lot of hype...and everybody bought it and was praised as a great effect... even when the trick is impractical, I have never used it because of the setup. I think I have only used it once
  14. Oopsie... I failed at using a search check before I posted this.

    Sorry everyone! I should know better by now.
  15. What is the big deal guys? If you don't care about the cards fine, let those who are excited be excited. Some of us love hype. I love being hyped up about stuff. I love having something exciting to look forward to. I love the hype engine. These cards look awesome, IMO, and I WILL be picking them up. Black Tigers, were in no way hideous.

    Keep in mind, these decks come in Black and White. These decks look WAY better than centurians or guardians, or even propagandas.
  16. Yeah me too. I HATE the setup required for exile. You need a freeking holster. :)
  17. Please... This isn't hype. This is just a video about a product that is worth more than the actual product.

    I can do hype way better than this. Just give me a budget, and a chance to work with a production team.

    This is school yard compared to what I could do.
  18. Very proud of yourself aren't you Draven? :)
  19. Cocky, Hubertus, Arrogant, Full of Crap, Boisterous, Loud Mouthed, Braggart, Brash, Egotistical, Fool Hardy, and perhaps lost in my own self indulgent vanity. But not Prideful. =P I try to keep my indulgence of sins to a minimum when able.
  20. People call this hype? jesus. the meaning of the word has been lost then.

    Btw I have no idea what so many people are complaining about on Exile. I do it out of my pocket and set-up a minute ahead of time which is far from a hassle.

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