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  1. The faces and pips on the court cards have changed, the rune theme has been continued through the sashes of the royals. As far as the number cards go, they have been altered slightly, with touches of fading on the pips - like the Shadow Masters - but nowhere near as drastic. I'll admit, the shading did look a bit wrong on the Shadow Masters, but on these, it just works.

    The new 'technology' referred rather disdainfully above, is both a new stock, and a new printing method. The new stock is thick - like other E customs, but is more durable, and less like cardboard then Tigers were. The inks are printed in three layers, which gives the cards their 3D appearance - previously not possible as the stock couldn't tolerate that much printing, and would either wick the ink away from the surface, saturating the stock, or would pool on the surface and ruin the detail. It seems that USPCC (and Ellusionist) have now overcome this problem.

    With USPCC now knowing how to manufacture quality playing cards with fine detail, the floodgates are open to all those designs previously turned down because of their intricacies. I'm quite certain the custom card market will boom with decks with design of a new calibre from all the major players in the near future.

    The gauntlet has been thrown.

  2. Yes, they added some shading, but I was talking about a significant change. Like, actually changing the font of the numbers (and letters), and changing the actual structure of the pips (at least the small pips under the number/letter in the corner). As an example: Linky.

    But I agree about the court cards; they look beautiful! Incorporating the scroll work into them seemed to work out well, and the shading has definitely been pulled off a lot better. Definitely some beautiful looking cards. :)

    But I'm done looking at them online...I want to see them in person, and handle them, so I can give them an actual decent review. :)
  3. They do look interesting, and as for the ellusionist bashing, their cards are actually one of their best products. whatever they do to make them so thick is awesome, and their 2 best decks in my opinion (masters and ghost) are the cheapest! you just have to know what you want on that sight. they do unfortunately try to bankrob beginner magicians with alot of their products...
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    If a guy doesnt know how to hold on to his money, he doesnt deserve to have it.

    A kid shouldnt have a hold of a credit card anyway. The parent HAS to involve him/herself into what the kid is getting into if they are going to let him buy magic tricks/books.
    If the beginner is older, then he has to be smart about his money.
  5. Well I've been getting some e-mails on the 'arcane' cards and they do look quite nice.

    I plan to buy both white and black. Also, I've heard that the white designed cards will $4.99 just like the standard ghosts... and the black will be $6.99.

    I may be incorrect.... but i hope this helps!!

  6. I think it's hilarious how they call their deck "arcane", meaning known to only a few, and they try to make their deck as popular as possible.
  7. Im pretty sure its in reference to known to magicians only.
  8. While they do look nice. I don't really see the mass appeal to them. This would be a carpenter buying a shiny new hammer and trying to impress the other carpenters with it. When they all just use a regular old dusty one to get the job done just fine.

    I used to like the Ghost deck (tho the stock wasn't has thick as the Masters and after awhile, the design just didn't fit me.). I really don't see the point of them hyping things like this. Sure the design looks great and if it fits your style, then go for it. But they did this with the Ghosts, The Tigers, the Black Ghosts and everything else. I personally just like the regular Masters deck for one reason only, they tend to last longer than regular cards and look exactly like regular cards.
  9. Holy crud. I used that same analogy months or maybe a year ago on here before.
  10. Both the white and the black will be $6.99 each. However, both can be as cheap as $4.99 depending on how many you purchase. There is typically a discount for every 3, 6, and 12 decks that you purchase.

    So buying one deck would make the deck cost $6.99, while buying 12 decks would make each deck cost $4.99. :)
  11. Man the site has taking a huge hit from everyone attempting to buy the cards lool
  12. did you get any yet?
  13. Usually you get a 404 error when the site is too busy. I'm not even getting that. I think the traffic crashed the site.
  14. Yea, the store AND forums crashed. I dont think anyone has had the chance to buy them yet.
  15. i think they look like crap. just my opinion. maybe i havta see them in person to change my mind.
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    Chris, why do you think they look like crap? I think they look amazing. Very creative.
  17. Well, buy and see
    It looks good for me.
  18. I'm not convinced they're anything special - I mean, the Shadow Masters were nice design wise, as were BGs, Vipers, etc. The design is certainly nice I think, but so were the designs of the above. I grabbed two to try out, but I have a feeling I'm sticking with S&Ms for performances.

  19. True Smoke and Mirrors are hard to beat, very hard. But Arcanes supposedly have a thinner stock than the rest of the Ellusionist UV500 Air Flow, it's not UV500 Aurora. So it's going to be really interesting to check these out. Also the cards are not just a simple variation on the bicycle backs, like most of the other E decks. They actually have a very unique design. The shadow effect is greatly improved on these from Shadow Masters. I still love Shadow Masters though. A lot of E decks are hard to perform magic with though, Black Ghosts are just way to thick. I feel regular Ghosts were probably E's best performing deck for magic. I can't wait to try out the Arcanes.
  20. My favorite line of hype on the cards was this one: "Michaelangelo took four years to create the Sistine Chapel masterpiece... these took five." That cracked me up.

    Red back bikes for life.

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