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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by waynehouchin, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. i might get it, cuz i mostly do cards. i dont like tearing cards that much though.

    p.s. notice in the teaser, the piece of the card is in a different spot then it was before it was changed.
  2. Cool change, but what's the trick? :)

    Is this another torn and restored type of trick?
  3. I noticed that too.. which made me come up with heaps of ways to do it.
  4. I am not really excited about this, its alright, but in the video when he is doing the corner change, when it changes the corner ends up a few millimetres away from its original position, what does this tell you? I am not trying to be a bug, I just noticed it
  5. If Anyone Ever Sees This Im Sure The Whole Card Changes If You Look At The Changed Corner It Has A Small Piece Of Signature Take From This What You Will
  6. Is that sarcasm?
  7. guys whats the big deal? i saw the vid. it just looks like a 2 card transpo were the card is ripped. and although its cool and i have no idea how he did it, i think this is a bit much hype for it. besides D+M's R.I.P. is very similar and has been out longer. so yea
  8. if your not falling in to hype stop usingthere word and does not make you any better at magic go perform sry ok i like the trick other then the movement.
  9. this looks ALRIGHT, not great

    depends on what the actual trick is.
    if they sign a card, rips a corner, it changes, then the card changes, so the sig is on the face of anther card, itll be cool.

    but the corner moving isnt helping anything
  10. Haha, I was just kidding about the card ripping. i think it will be a signed selected card, diff card ripped, corner changes, card changes, corners match, card restored? maybe?
  11. Hype? There's three pages, that's hardly considered "hype" around these parts.
  12. this would be very useful in an effect that is similar by jay sankey. I forget the name but what happens is the spec chooses a card, it is lost in the middle of the deck then a different cards index is ripped off and place in view the whole time then the card whose index was just ripped off changes into the spec's card and the mis-mactch index fits perfectly. It would be cool to visually change the index too!

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