Best comment you have gotten?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by PVinas, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. its a magician fooler that one.
  2. Screaming and crying from one girl, but in a good way. She said I was Derren Brown. :)
    Silence followed by 'wait, what?' is good, as long as it's genuine astonishment and not a 'you suck' kinda thing, or 'where was the good part'.
    I tried performing to the Webcam like I've seen other people do, but it didn't react.
    Anyway, cool to read all these!
  3. HAHAHAH killer spies by nate gotz, best freaking trick ever
  4. The best comment that I have ever gotten isn't exactly a comment, but moreso a reaction. I was performing for one of my cousin's friends. I had just finished the effect and she just sat there, staring at the cards. After about thirty seconds of this, one of her friends runs up to her and tells her that some friend of hers has just gone into labor. The girl continues to stare at the cards and then says as though she's in a dream, "That's amazing." The friend replies.
    "I know! She's going to..." The girl I performed for suddenly interrupts.
    "No! The cards. That's amazing too..."
    I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. :)
  5. I know, nothing even compares to it. Angle Zero, Witness, Thread... they're not even worthy enough to stand in the shadow of Killer Spies.
  6. I can't believe you mentioned those in the same post, in fact same thread, as the almighty Killer spies!

  7. The best ones that Ive had was this one day at the cafeteria.During 3rd period so everyone else was in class and ten of us were just hanging out there.
    I performed stigmata and levitated glasses(all in a serious tone) and everyone jumped and screamed like normal but then a couple of them asked me if I prayed and if i worshipped the devil.The crazy thing about it its that they were for real.I could see it in their eyes.(especially that girl that asked if i prayed)
    I reassured them though about what they saw and they're ok
  8. ok my uncle i did chicago opener and he took the card put it on the table face down stared at it and picked it up again to see if it had changed (he did all this with out saying anything) he did this for at least 10 mins

    also been called jesus alot

    and my friend who i had shown magic to before i came up to him and was like "wanna see something?" he then ran away screaming deamon and hid from me... i laughed so hard
  9. I was practicing my pass and ambitious earlier in my card magic career and my mentor had told me that i needed to practice alot more and laughed. I became a little upset that i couldnt get it right so i went home and practiced over and over. a week later i went back to him and performed my ACR again, only this time he stayed quiet and at the end he grabbed the deck and said to me that magic isnt magic when the whole deck is made up of the same card, he flipped the deck over and saw that there werent any duplicates and simply asked me...when did you pass.
  10. now that is a great story lol
  11. "I don't want to see it again" - my brother

    "Come on... Teach me how you do that..." - my friends

    "Here comes the magician" - my parents

    "You're freaking me out!!" - laymen

    "If I give you $1, can you change it into $10??" - laymen

    "Ok, we're going to casino now" - laymen

  12. I don't usually revieve full sentences. Just people saying incoherent things

    "Uh wuh? - Bu- He, Wait what?"

    And its great to see that people really understand what's happening.

    Oh, but today, I did "card to mouth" for someone named Hugh; and he didn't get it. Not that he didn't understand how it was done (not that he did) but he didn't understand the effect.
  13. For Andurrzi - (Drunk girl running around a bar) He just f'ing killed me
  14. The best one I've ever got was this:

    "If you don't tell me how you did that I'll... I'll... I'll go home and strangle my wife just to find out."
    - Random Guy on the street about the ever so popular Stigmata
  15. This is the most annoying comment I got and I,m sure Everyone here heard it many times before.........

    Boy, I wouldn't play cards with you!
  16. I actually had a comment last night, at my talent show. I was backstage playing with my cards and a guy who I didn't know came up, looked astonished, and then said "You're Cam, right? Are you the guy who everyone in the school talks about?" these aren't the exact words but that was the general statement. That made me feel great because it says that people talk about my magic and also that I am identified as a magician in my school.
  17. uncontrolled wheeping.
  18. I did Panic last week for my cousin and he just started busting out laughing. Sometimes no words is the best!
  19. hehe another good one today.
    my friend and tthis girl he like were just standing around talking and i took out my cards right. i did molecule four and he was "that was aaaaawesome!" he turns to her and says " I taught him that". I went with it, they are married now. no just kidding, but it was cool.
  20. I know i already have a story on here but i just got the best comment ever yesterday. I was performing angle zero to a couple of my friends family members who have never seen my magic. After producing the peice in his Mom's hoodie pocket i think the peice back and did a simple restoration with a dup and handed it out. When i was done my friend said that i should i watch out with the magic i might end starting a religion by accident. i laughed but what made it really good was that he was serious, i guy who has seen almost everything in my arsenal by now said taht my magic was starting to hit too hard. I smiled, said thank you, and as i walked away i over heard his uncle who also is a magician and was watching me all night mumble to himself "wow that was amazing, that kid's good". It felt good, it felt like a finally made it.

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