Best comment you have gotten?

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  1. The best comment uhh there's a few
    "but it was their, then uh uh, what the hell"friend
    "are you the devil"friend
    "dude your jesus"spectator
    "........but.......i...give up..."friend
  2. ". "(for those who do not understand, it's silence. Because they are in awe.)
  3. I saw this thread, and thought of this recent post, one of the best I've seen for a while.

  4. My moment actually happened today after we had finished our midterms. I did the business card version of stigmata. The spec., my friend, who put the name in teh card was just astonished, jaw dropped, "How did you do that?" But that wasn't the best part. About a minute later i saw him rubbing his wrist trying to see what would show up.
  5. The best comment I have ever recieved was when I did Angle Zero by DM and made the card's torn corner appear inside a sealed sugar packet (as suggested by Dan Buck in Organic).

    One guy yelled at the top of his voice "I've seen loads of magicians, even one in the Savoy... but that was bloody crazy!"

    Next thing I know I'm performing for the whole cafe.

    That one moment cememnted my views on magic.
  6. I hate to join this thread of ego stroking. But what the hell. Two women I performed for last night in a pub said "Dude, you just made my f***ing night."

    Yeah, there were several screaming reactions of OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL THAT WAS AMAZING! ...But that last quieter comment made my night. Especially since I epicly screwed up a new trick I've been practicing. lol. >.>;;;
  7. df

    i think the best comment i got was when i was at my friends house a few months ago, and his dad LOVES to see me perform. i performed fiber optics, a few things from AoA and he loved all of it. afterwards when we went to dinner with him he couldnt stop bragging to his friends about how great i was and how i was as good as the people who perform at las vegas.well, thats my story.
  8. When I started out in magic i once performed a simple but good one a head principle trick. My schoolmates totaly freaked out a girl said that i could start getting payed for this. And at that time i knew two cardtricks so it was very motivational.
  9. -"Are you god?"
    -"Are you jesus?"
    -"Are you Satan?"
    -"I hate you"
    -"oh f*k...." (from a high school teacher)
    -"Can I have your babies?"
    -"I'm sorry I dont believe in magic...." after trick "WHAT????!?!?!?!"
  10. once a did a king rising and someone said"how long have you been meditating"
  11. What else are we here for?

    Best comment I ever received wasn't one of those screaming, deer-in-the-headlights reactions that most of the rabble out there whack to.

    "You're not like other magicians. You actually talk to us."
  12. "Why are you applying for med school? You can do this instead!"
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    best compliments were reactions for me
    "he's the antichrist"
    "your full of $h!t"
    "your a witch"
    "thats creepy"
    "is that black magic?"
    "Can you see the future? Can you tell me about my love life?"
  14. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeegoooooooooooooo stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke...

    K, GO!
  15. 'Wow.'

    It wasn't loud or wild, but it was sincere.
    It was the best comment I got because I knew I had changed something inside of him, and I think it was for the better :)
  16. I just recently got a comment from my friend. Iv showed a lot of tricks in the past, and he started to figure some of it out. so i did sloppy triumph, and he said "not even gonna try" and walked away.
  17. I was doing some tricks on this one girl in the Computer Lab and she said "just got taken with card tricks and had my mind read by Steven Joshua Brundage, the new and improved David Blaine!!!! impressed right now..."
  18. First post on Theory11 and you dig up a thread from 2 years ago... strange.

    Anyway I will add mine to the thread as well.

    I always perform 2 Card Monte. It's my go to trick. I performed it for my Father-In-Law as he turned his hand over for the reveal at the end he saw that the red Kings had turned to the black Aces and said "Oh S***!" then he threw the cards down on the table.

    I was only a few months into magic at that point and it was my first reaction I had ever had that was like that so I knew with that reaction that 2 Card Monte would always be my go to trick.
  19. My favorite reaction will always be the time I did las Vegas leaper and the girl sat on the cards. At the end of the trick her explanation was "you made me sh*t cards!" I couldn't help from laughing.
  20. *silence*

    I was showing some kid in a part an ACR and his jaws basically dropped. Didnt say a word, he just looked like he actually saw magic happening in front of him

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