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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by PVinas, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Jakeh - I don't know why I have to justify myself to you, especially as...if you couldn't tell by the context -> it was a joke. Let me explain it to you - it's okay to suck at mentalism, because mentalism can often suck on it's own - being weak magic with poor acting - although not always - you should read Jami Ian Swiss' article on Mentalism in Shattering Illusions.

    Actually, concerning this topic - you should get his notes with the essay "Standards of Deception".

    Enjoy your ego stroking.
  2. ...


    You must be kidding me. C'mon, ego stroking? Please. Where do some of you people get your material from? Honestly, these past few days I've seen the oddest "come backs" to things that don't even need to be fought about.

    Just because something can "often suck" doesn't mean that you shouldn't put any effort into it, especially since you seem to only have this opinion because it's been given the thumbs up by some bitter magician. People "often suck" at magic, too, but does that give you or I or anyone else here the right to just put in half the required work because, hey, other people are sucking at it, why should it matter if I do too?

    Also, if you're going to attempt a joke, it would be nice to make it a tad more obvious considering the fact that it's text and not audio - which makes it hard to understand the implied tone.
  3. Jakek,

    This isn't an argument - I was being kind. Jakek, it was a JOKE dude, and if you read the "great comments" and are not smart enough to realize none of the comments are great - I don't want to have a conversation with you.

    Believe me - I put effort into my work - I don't do mentalism, again a wise crack - you need to take things less seriously. I would love to jam with you - PM me where you are located and I will make a trip if it's not too far. We can sit and you can see what I do and the effort I have put into magic.

    Read "Standards of Deceptions" so you are educated on the points I agree with in Swiss' argument - then we can talk more about how this is an ego stroking thread. I am not bashing it - just calling it what it is - as I am sure we wouldn't get many pages on "the worst comment" made about their magic?

    Anyhow, thanks for taking time to reply - hope your magic is more enjoyable than your posts.
  4. :p

    Did i hear a sense of irony or not? :p
  5. the best comment ever was silence...............and all i really did was a criss cross force [or however it is called] and a really spooky revelation (i just named the card at the right moment).. I got the same reaction after i performed d+M's prophecy from TWO
  6. anyway....

    i was doing ACR and some kid kept asking if the cards were all the same, and then he started yelling "what the hell?!" when i showed him that there was only 1 of his card. Turns out the kid was on weed and it prolly wouldn't have mattered what trick i did lol

    Then i was doing a quick card trick called "the pop drop" that i created where you drop the deck on the ground and the selected card ends up face up and all the others down. I was doing a cheesy routine for this girl where i said "is this your card?" when i knew it wasn't and she started laughing at me and i acted all ashamed and nervous so i pretended to accidently drop the deck. Then she looked down and saw her card face up and just freaked. it was hilarious.
  7. Yet again, two days before Christmas, I was on my T-Bane (underground metro) and I sat down next to two old gentlemen who were wearing Save Darfur shirts over their jackets, so they were probably social workers.

    I did ultimate transpo and then card to mouth, and they both smiled and patted me on the back warmly: "I liked that, heh, that was good..."

    Made me all fuzzy inside.

  8. Walking up to a friend that I have shown my magic before, holding a deck of cards he starts running away and says "No man, you freak me out with those cards"

    standing around talking to people doing some flourishes I hear girls a couple feet away saying " How the hell does he do that".

    after listening to five people trying to figure out how I did an ace routine one of them grabbed the cards and screamed at them.

    after quick trick using convincing control and hot shot cut: "who do you think you are?" just kinda random and funny.
  9. Hah that is great...
  10. You don't find it the least bit distrubing?

    heh. Epic.

    Makes you feel all warm inside, doesn't it ;)

    hehe. That's quite the unusual response, unusually satisfying, that is!

  11. I performed magic for a 5 year old girl, and afterwards she said "How did Jesus make you that way??"

    Once, in school, I handed out a survey to a ton of students as part of one of my assignments. Ome survey went to a girl I used to have a crush on. When I got all of the papers back, her's said, in bold lettering at the top of the page, "I <3 Magic Mike". That made my day.

    And finally, when performing The Destiny Effect (my marketed mentalism effect), the two girls I was performing for, particularly my target girl, started SCREAMING. My main participant soon started tearing up and had goosebumps all over her arms. It was completely unexpected and a little frightening too.
  12. Somebody once said, "Oh my God."

    I mean, I understand that Killer Spies is a great effect and all, but they really don't have to call me God- that might be taking it a little bit too far.
  13. "Holy sh!t" from a teacher, in school after a special version of This'n That a friend of mine taught me.

    "Get the f*ck outta here" from a random stranger that approached me.

    No comment, just applause at the end of a random mall performance with a crowd of 30 people surrounding me. The security had to break it up because it was "disturbing the peace".

    "Next time I see ya, remind me to pay ya." from a random stranger.

    "Wow, your one special kid!" from a client of my fathers who's in renovation.

    I got a few more that I can't think of right now :p
  14. i did this trick to this one lady and she started gathering people to watch me. she was all like "guys! look at this kid!!!!!!!!!!!" i was kinda nervous. lolz
  15. Man is this a pat on the back topic or what?
  16. Hmm, strange comment...what trick did you do to get that one? :p
  17. Hahahaha nice response man... Haha. :D :p
  18. "OMG!!!! did you sell your soul to the devil?"
  19. "ehm... would you go to bed with me?"

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