Best comment you have gotten?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by PVinas, Mar 28, 2008.

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    i am asking this cause i just got one about 2 hours ago and it made me tingle inside it made me feel so cool:

    I was working on "The Queens" and i was just finishing the 2nd vanish and my friend in front of me asked, "Are the cards new cause they are sliding so smooth?". It was a old, very broken in Stud deck.
  2. Not entirely sure what you mean by comment but I'll try to stay into the lines I can see. Best one I got was when i turned a red bicycle deck into a shadow masters and they said, "Wow those cards are amazing!" and they almost took the from my hand as they were apparently mesmerised :D
  3. Like a line that a spect. has said to you that made you feel extremely cool/good/ awsome inside
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    The best comment I have ever been given from a spectator was at a banquet for the local magic circle. I was invited to perform table to table close-up magic at the event, for mostly an audience of other magicians and their families. There was a team of close-up magicians who were doing the same thing as me, and I was by far the youngest. About 30 minutes into the event, I approached a table with a few older guys and their wives. I went into my card routine, and managed to get some very genuine and energetic reactions from two of the women. As I left the table, they told me "You are our favorite!" Now, it turns out the other two guys were magicians - traditionalists, you could say. One of them approached me later on that evening and said "My wife wanted me to let you know that she has been around magic for 30 years now, so she is jaded - but she has never seen anybody as good as you... You're going places." That made me feel really good. :)

    Another time I was performing at a singles night at a local grocery store. An older woman noticed my name tag that said "Entertainer" on it. So I asked if she would like to see some magic. After a quick performance, she told me she was impressed and started to ask me some questions. It started out with the usual "How old are you?" and "How long have you been doing this?" But then she started to ask me some really deep questions... She said "Where are you planning to take this?" So I told her "I've got an idea, it's going to be great" and she was genuinely interested in what I had to say. We ended up having a great conversation, and it was very refreshing to see that she appreciated me as a human being, not just a performer.

    Also, there were some girls in the restaurant I used to work at that made me feel pretty cool! I was performing a prediction style effect with cards, and told a group of girls that I was going to write something down before we start. One of the girls looked at me and said "Is it your number?" :D

    Those were some of my favorite comments from a spectator.
  5. Strangely enough...

    "Will you marry me?"
  6. "This is so much better than magic."
  7. I don't normally perform much, but my best ever comment was

    "It's not everyday that I meet such an interesting person"
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    "Those are trick cards?!"

    When doing some of my colour changes, to me that says that my changes were so fluent that the specs believed i was using trick cards, of course after i handed out the cards for inspection, thats when the magic started, their reactions were priceless.
  9. I do a chosen card to sealed water bottle called "Flicker", well one time I modified it and did it into a sealed coffee can for about 20 people. A guy told me I was one of the best magicians he had ever seen, and that the trick was the best trick he has ever seen in person.

    I was walking on air for about three days (until I watched the Trilogy and D&D made me feel like a punch playing solitaire). But; that is the way of things.


    PS: Barring comments I had a guy spit soda out and leave the building during the Stigmata prestige.
  10. I've received the obligitory "Wow!" and "Great job!" But perhaps the best one I've ever gotten was "That didn't suck as bad as I thought it was going to." If that doesn't boost your self-esteem, then nothing will...

  11. For m,e it was at my magic club. one of the members, after showing him impromtorn and asking him for feedback on my round table effect (My vanished Sandwich) he told me that I had'Some of the best technical skill out of the members in the club.' It was awesome. But that also means that I need to work on presentation.

    Also, for flourishing. I was at club, a different meeting. This was two months ago. And I was doing flourishes and one of the guys responded 'You can do things with cards I didn;t even know I wanted to do' Which was really cool.
  12. I know to most of you this wouldn't seem like a compliment, but I was doing some magic in class and someone wrote on the white board "JAKE IS THE NEXT CRISS ANGEL." It made my day. :p
  13. The best comment I got...well, there are a few that come to mind...

    "That was really average" - Restaurant Patron

    "That made me never want to see magic again" - Homeless guy

    "I laughed until I stopped" - human being

    "If David Blaine is steak - your act is Balogne" (true on two levels) - Client

    So I gave up magic - and took up it's okay to suck ;)
  14. :eek:

    How is it "okay to suck" in mentalism, by the way?
  15. I think one of my favourites was performing to a guy at a party, this is pretty much how the conversation went.
    "Wow! How long you been doing that then?"
    "Three years."
    He looks at me blankly for a few seconds.
    "Honestly, how have you not taken over the world yet."

    That really made my night
  16. Haha, that's an awesome comment. :p
  17. After doing fraud and some mentalism I had people running to me asking if I could change thier "49" into a "94" and some other guy was like just use your mind power and give me the right answers! The funny thing was they were both completlely serious I had to try not to laugh.
  18. More than a comment, it was the physical reaction that did it for me.
    It was one of those nights when you're on a roll, one surprise after another. This girl was about to burst, and when she did, I went flying back. With a loud "No f-ing way!" she shoved me. A lot stronger than I had expected, this girl had me stumbling backwards into the streets. I was inches from being hit by a car.

    She apologized.
  19. The best comment was when a guy didn't say anything and just walked away.
  20. Your magic must've been incredible.

    Another one of my best comments came from my performance of a mental card force during university. After revealing the card and having everyone shout and scream, a friend came up to me and said.

    "Why the hell are u doing engineering (my course), you should be some pro psychologist"

    Another one is "You should have your own TV show"

    Made my day =D

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