Bloody SAW

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by d_dooms, Oct 27, 2008.

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  2. Dude that is sick... and awesome!
  3. Holy ****. That was the most amazing variation of Saw I've ever seen (and the most disgusting too!)

    Well done.

    -Sam H
  4. :eek: That was a great way to start halloween! Happy Early Halloween!
  5. That is ridiculously, insanely brutal.


    I wouldn't be surprised if you could make people lose their lunch with that one.

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    *Shudders* that was just...wrong. Seriously, it was...uuurgh, wow. I loved it but...ah ****.

    EDIT: Damn you. Five minutes later and I'm still shuddering. Gah that was creepy. I'm off to practice my scary new trick now. If I go to hell, it's your fault...
  7. You just took saw to a whole new level. I hope you add a disclimer before performing it this way, I wouldn't want someones puke on my shoes.

    Great idea man.
  8. Jeez, you really got that thread in there deep. Doesn't that hurt?
  9. Thanks for the comments!
  10. That grossed me out.
    I felt the pain when you were pulling on the rope on each end.
    It still hurts me, and is disgusting.
    Nice work and good job!
  11. thanks man!!
  12. yea ive been thinking of doing that since i baught wounded

    ive done a type of saw on mr arm, with that blood effect

    works well
  13. Good job buddy that was very nice. Ive been wanting to take my saw performance to the next level and now I know what it looks like.

    Thanks for sharing!
  14. One of my all-time favorite effects. How the heck you were able to do that is beyond me, but still, a great performance, nonetheless.

    All the best,
  15. Whao that was very gcool. I might try that this Halloween.

  16. thanks again...
  17. Could someone describe the video to me? Please.

    As the video is unavailable in my country.
  18. great idea!

  19. Thanks Dan!

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