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Show we create a 'business' section of the forums?

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  1. But really, I find myself going on the cafe more than here or E. I'm generally in the 'Table hoppers and party strollers' room, which is where I can learn/help the most. Like I said though, something for everyone.

    Personally, I don't feel one more board is too much to ask. I think it would be a nice addition where I can help out a bit more around here, and maybe even pick up a thing or two along the way.

    C'mon guys, let's get this thing going!!!! ;)
  2. I would highly recomend a forum or some available venue to discuss marketing and other business related aspects of showbusiness. It just seems to me that the General Discussion section just doesn't quite suit the buisness side of showbusiness threads as well as it should.

    If you really wanted to you could also incorporate all these posts on the theorys of performing magic into the same forum. That would clean up just about 40% of the popular threads in the General Discussion section.

    Really just how hard would it be to moderate just one more forum anyway?
  3. Well I've had no response from anyone from T11 about making this a reality...

    Seems to not be a big issue with them, which I think is somewhat disappointing. What seems to be a good idea that could potentially benefit a large number of members will eventually just fall by the wayside I guess. :(
  4. When you get right down to it, this place is more of a social club than anything else. I guess that admins are happy with that.
  5. Really...if anyone can come up with some cons against this possible sub-forum, I'd sure like to hear.

  6. They won't because you can't expect them to voice what appears to be an unpopular opinion. They don't have enough spine to do that.

    A moot point because the sub-forum just isn't going to get made. The admins have already decided that this place isn't a guild for professional entertainers, it's a social club for their customers. If you want to talk professionalism with myself and others, perhaps we should find greener pastures.
  7. When a mental patient refuses their medication, you don't argue with them. You hold them down and force it upon them. Maybe you're looking at this the wrong way. If people can crowd up the forums with which cards are better/meaningless threads, why can't you use the same principal for this? I say it's time for you guys to let loose on the forum.

    Sometimes what you can't get with reason, you get with force.

    Then again, I could just be a crack pot...
  8. We can only post so many good threads at a time. If we deluge the forums with our best, we'll burn out very quickly, and then it will be right back to having everything good shoved off the front page with more redundant exclamations of, "OMG!! I found D+M's hat at Hot Topic!!!1! Here's pics of me wearing it"
  9. Then if that's the case (And yeah, I know it is) I'll go around to each of those damn threads and make a ten letter post just to keep it on the front page till a magical "Buisness Sub-Forum" pops up.

    I don't have much buisness knowledge, but I know when something should happen. Steve's got a good idea, it should happen.
  10. I think that a business section of the site would be cool, but am I the only one who sees them getting devoured by other meaningless crap? threads like "hi i ellusionist646563 and i started magic about 3 weeks ago and i want to make alot of money with magic cuz i want a ps3?" and I feel like a sub-forum for the business half of magic would be helpfull to some, sadly I think the majoraty of the people here are hobbyist, and it probably wouldn't be worth it in the end....

    but, I could be completley wrong, and this could work out great...
  11. I'm mainly a hobbyist, but there's a difference between dumb ones & smart ones. I consider myself the latter. While this probably won't turn into my profession, if I can do a little good for those that it will, i'll atleast try a little.

  12. I agree, and I sure hope you don't think that by my post I meant that hobbyist magicians are bad in any way, I just think that a business sub-forum might not be worth it in the end.

    p.s. Magic isn't my profession either and I am also mainly a hobbyist, but I intend to make magic my profession in the future....
  13. Oh please, lol. I'm probably the easiest goin guy on this forum. I take offense to very little. If the forum were to help even just one person, it'll have been worth it.

    Then like I said before, this could benefit you too.

    This has very strong potential to be something great. Steve, William Draven, Steerpike, Steven Levitt, if i'm not mistaken, just to name a few that i'm sure would be all over this. Give people like that something like this, we won't see one bad thing come from it.
  14. Alright, maybe this is a little more civil.

    About an hour ago, this thread crossed my mind. In the prosses I had a thought. The product review section has a sticky thread with a list of reviews for quick reference that Sean made. My thinking, is that something like that would be even more useful on the general discussion forum for this business idea.

    One thread named something like "Business Thread Listings" maybe. The idea is that this thread would house listings to all the business related threads currently available and would remain at the top. All T11 has to do is sticky the damn. They don't want another board, fine. I think this could be the next best thing.
  15. Grrrrrrrrreat idea, I have been waiting for so long for a business section.
  16. Steve,

    Don't for a second think we aren't listening to you guys. We've actually been in full discussion about this very thread, behind-the-scenes. Though it may not be an immediate addition, we're definitely considering this.

    Try to understand where we're coming from when reviewing ideas like the aforementioned. If we added a 'Business' section to the site, why not a 'Mentalism' section, or a 'Stage Magic' section, or a 'Kid's Magic / Clowning' section, etc. thereafter? Surely each of those forums would receive just as much attention (in some cases, more attention) than a Business area.

    Something to think about. One thing we don't want to end up with is too many forums (and, yes, there is such a thing). I'll personally get back to you with a decision within the next few days, Steve.

    Steerpike - Not to get off topic, but I don't understand why you continuously bash a community that you continue to contribute to on a regular basis. It's the equivalent of me saying, "Pepsi is a disgrace of a beverage..." - then continuing to purchase and consume it by the case, all the while complaining about how bad it is.
  17. Here we go again.

    To use your own obtuse analogy, I find it more akin to saying, "Coke with Lime really sucked," while proceeding to buy Vanilla Coke.
  18. Jon,

    Thanks for the response. On one hand, I understand what you're saying about 'too many forums', but on another I'm finding it hard to compare a business section, where that in itself is very vague, to breaking up the different types of magic (i.e. mentalism, geek, etc).

    We already have a general magic forum, and I believe that all types, including cards and coins, even though they have their own forum, fall into the 'general' forum. Topics regarding marketing, dealing with clients, restaurant gigs, etc, I feel would be better off in a separate forum where one would not have to dig through countless threads to search for quality information. In all honesty, I feel the quality of many posts here are going downhill. I also think that when a quality post is made, it's so quickly covered up and knocked to the back burner by posts about SNC, favorite decks, Angel or Blaine?, this that and the other as well.

    Anyways, thanks for your response and I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,
  19. Just to confirm,

    I hate your username change Steve.

  20. Well when people start goggling my name, and up pops a conversation I had with Jack the Mod, then it's time to change it. You'll also see I changed my location a bit; got rid of the city I live in, and spaced out the word "M A R Y L A N D"

    Have any suggestions on a new username Matty?? I'm all ears bro...

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