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    Since theory11 was founded in August of 2007 there has been one forum which has held a certain significance that has up to now been, for the most part, overlooked.

    The Cerca Trova forum is updated monthly with a new topic of discussion which we encourage ALL members to take part in. Just a few examples of topics recently have been:

    What can the older generation of magicians learn from the younger generation - and what can the younger generation learn from the older? Further, how has this gap affected you personally - and what do you think can be done to improve this dynamic now and in the future?

    What is a purist? What do you guys think?

    How does the use of specialized deck of cards affect a performance for laymen?

    As of tonight the Cerca Trova forum has found a new home, that being at the bottom of the Main Category section. It's description has also been modified so new users understand the purpose more clearly, and know that the section is not about Latin, being re-incarnated as an Eagle, Jude Law, or any of that jargon.

    We encourage and more specifically want all members to take part in these discussions for we're all here for the same reason and that is to advance and love the art of magic. The Cerca Trova forum allows us to share what we know and express our thoughts on hot button topics in the magic scene, I'm personally writing a reply to the Newest Cerca Trova as we speak.

    Get involved|Take action|Share your thoughts

  2. Thanks,

    I just noticed this, then I read this. It all makes sense now.

  3. Same here i noticed it and wondered why but it is a very important part of theory11.:D
  4. Yeah I noticed it too. Hope to see more changes on the forums.
  5. Well, it is my favourite part of the forum.

    However, it just crashed. Last year, W:H updated it monthly. That changed however, and we rarely get to see a new thread down there. Any intelligent topics that could be gathered in a forum are dissapearing altogether.

    More updates should be made.

  6. Btw Where are the artist these days? They all use to buz around these forums, now nothin.

  7. Has the time limitation on the forum been dropped? I've always thought it was a fantastic idea, but with threads only open for three days--and those days being ones I tend not to be at the computer--I gave up on ever participating. If so, that's great, and I'll be right over.
  8. I have always been active on the cerca trova section, and hope that everyone will start going to it more! :D

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