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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Slicke, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Well there's not much to say, watch this and tell me what you think ...
  2. Omg that is hilarious that guy must feel horrible but its still HILARIOUS none the less great find
  3. I've seen this before and always bring a great joy every time I watch this :D
  4. LMFAO!. Ladies and Gentlemens we have another duck?! Good one.
  5. lol, it's crazy how magicians love when other magicians screw up
  6. lol WOW that would SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanx for sharing
  7. lol. Sucks. Too bad.
  8. It's funny, but I absolutely hate seeing bad magic. It gives magic a bad image.
  9. all the "talent" TV shows ... have magicians making HUGE Mistakes... its like the video tape them rehearsing or something???? i dont understand... they probably only let SUCKY magicians thru so they can watch them mess up infront of the "judges"

    very sad
  10. You're starting to get an idea of how a show like this really works. But they'll let really good performers through, too. The point is, 'what will make us money?'

    Personally, I'm just glad the duck(s) weren't hurt. I was half expecting a dead duck to shoot across the stage.
  11. What do you expect from wanker brits?
  12. Random prejudice aside, this is not limited to the British AGT. America's AGT is pretty awful as well.
  13. HA, I would laugh at him weather I was a magician or not
  14. I put that on facebook lol

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