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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brendan1980, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm very new to this, only signing up today. I want to learn bits of close up magic, but have no idea where to start? Any advice here on where to start would be very much appreciated.

  2. Welcome to the forums!
    I would recommend getting Mark Wilson's complete course in magic. You can find it in some large bookstores(I don't know about stores in the UK), or online. (Amazon has it for 10 Euros). It teaches a lot of good basics. Another thing would be to figure out whether you like cards or coins or other. Put in a lot of practice on the basic sleights, and then you can expand to more technical stuff.
  3. Welcome to the forums!

    Die hard's will say your local library. Young fanatics will say ellusionist, theory 11 and penguin. They're both right. Once you get in the Swing of things you will learn magic from all sources and realise they all have their pro's and cons. Ill say, Mark wilson's complete course in magic. It's a great starting point, and it's cheap. Head to your local library and see if they have any books, once you decide what types of magic you would like to perform, you can progress to the downloads or more books. I wont point you towards downloads today because for the price of most downloads you can buy mark wilsons book! Also, if you were to buy the latest card trick released on your first day in magic, you might find that cards just aren't your thing. Learn something from each type of magic with the help of that book. You'll learn very quickly what is for you and what isn't. The forums will help you in every way you can imagine.

    Good luck!
  4. Aha! I was beaten too it, by the same advise! Awesome.
  5. There is a website called, it is down for maintenance at the moment. They have a DVD called "How To Do Street Magic", I think that would be a good start for ya! Maybe browse around see what you think looks cool, and decide what you like!
  6. Thanks guys. I'll have a look for that book in the library tomorrow, if not I'll look to buy it online.

    I got over eager and just downloaded Alchemy and twitch to have a look and have a go.....erm.....I need to go WAY back to the beggining. ha ha. It has got me very intrigued though and hasn't put me off learning.

  7. Hello...Welcome here!! feel free to send me a PM should you have any questions...I am not as experienced a some here, but I definitely can give you some advice...I can only recomend you to practice on real people...the fastest the shame goes...the better...
  8. Mark Wilson's Complete Course is a good starting place (as already recommended). It's basic material in all branches of magic, so you can decide what you want to pursue further. Say you enjoy magic with coins, you can then look into coin specific material - same with cards or anything really.
  9. i started with the trilogy by dan and dave and then laughed at its simplicity and picked up that ponta guys coin crap and mastered it in 2 days
  10. I can see why you have a trollface as your picture.
  11. Ask yourself what you want out of this first. The answer to this will help save you LOTS of time and money on things you might not need. Are you looking to this to make friends, get numbers, or to get noticed? I only assume these things, none of them bad, because you say close up which I can only think spurred from you seeing a trick done to a friend or to you? Whatever answer you decide upon will help find more specific books guided to what you need.

    P.S. I suggest cards.

  12. I've always been a fan of the kind of magic done up clost. coins/cards/etc, as opposed to the bigger more elaborate bigger illusions. Obviously I'm looking at easier magic for now to get into it. I'd like to be able to entertain my kids and their friends at parties, but also something the adults could enjoy too. I'm not looking to do this for work or anything, more for personal enjoyment, and to enjoy the art I've loved since I was a child.
  13. I suggest starting off with :

    Card College Volume 1 :


    Royal Road to Card Magic :

    These will give you the necessary fundamentals from how to hold the cards (the grips), basic cuts and shuffles, and some beginning sleights. Afte you learn these basic steps, it will give you routines you can practice over and over again until you move on to further material (Card College volumes 2-4 etc...).

    Card magic is best not to do rushed. Don't jump into too much at once. I also suggest just carrying around a pack of cards at all times. The sooner the deck feels like an extension of your hand the better. You need to develop grace with how you hold a pack of cards in order to make the sleights you want to do later look graceful. Must learn how to walk before you fly definitely applies to magic.

  14. that sounds like good advice tokyo.

    Thanks everyone
  15. Hi man and welcome! Im a huge coin magic fan. I`d recommend Bobo`s Modern Coin Magic book or DvD if your a fan of coin magic, its the best way to start that route.
    Good luck!

  16. As Zac mentioned, I too first started out with How to do Street Magic from ellusionist many years ago, but then learned the value of books such as Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic and Royal Road which both have already been mentioned. These are outstanding resources and please do not overlook them. Any of the Card College books are wonderful or if that seems a bit much you can go with Card College Lite. I believe Josh Jay also has a Complete Course in Magic which is a great book. In addition he also has a basic card book with some fundamentals. If you have a local magic club near you within an hour, you may want to consider joining or networking with magicians online because this will help you grow out a tremendous rate professionally.

    My last bit of advice is don't bite off more than you can chew at the beginning. Start with just the basics and a few easy effects. Perform these over and over for live audiences so you can get a feel for the entertainment side that needs to go hand in hand with magic. As Luis mentioned this is crucial.
  17. Hi,

    Well, I can preform Alchemy. Not brilliant, but I can do it. MY 3 year old daughter watched me do it, and quite easily spotted where the coin went!!!! (She is very clever, but still....!!!) Just goes to show how much time and practice needs to be made! I'm about to order the complete course in magic, like I was told. lol.

    Cheers again guys.

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