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  1. I was a dinner when I came up with this concept and performed with no practice just going off of the concept.
    I'll tell the concept and if people like it then I'll post it to the wire under the name 'three-way'

    Here it is: The first spectator freely chooses a card. it is placed in the deck and he is told to keep his selection a secret from the the other 2 spectators. Spectator 2 gets a card and it's put into the deck, and spectator 3 does the same. the deck is shuffled each time one of the spectators chooses a card. Each spectator does not know the other spectators cards. A new card, unlike all 3 selections is shown. all spectators ate asked if it's their card. It is not. All 3 spectators grip the card between their thumb and forefinger. It is explained that who ever concentrates hardest on their selection will have their selection morphed into the card in their hands. The magician touches the held card and it is revealed. All spectators exclaim that it is their card. All spectators had the same card. MAGIC.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Sounds really interesting, and if you do post it on the wire town much do you plan on charging?
  3. It will be free to get my name as a magician out there.
  4. Then just post it in the wire :D , I want it. ;)
  5. Please perform it more and make sure it's as strong as it can be before you post it.

    There may some minor improvement that greatly strengthens it, there could be some new subtlety that helps the magic, there could be a number of things you discover through repetition that will make your trick better.

    It may hurt the name you hope to make by posting an effect before you've had a chance to improve it.
  6. I would have to agree as sometimes great effects on The Wire are poorly taught and executed.
  7. I think the effect has one major weakness in that once all the spectators find out that they had the same card it pretty much shouts, "I forced the same card on all of you."

    Just my two cents.

    You could make the effect even stronger by actually having 3 different cards selected and controlling them to the top during false a 4 card pinky pull down, show the indifferent card (holding all 4 as one card) then have it turn into the the spectators selections.
  8. The cleaner the selection procedures could change that weakness into a major strength of the effect, for instance, outjogging or leaving the other selections in view as the others choose their cards. Now you have a logical solution that reaches an impossible conclusion. The effect then has several layers, I love effects that fool people worse as they attempt to reconstruct them. Subtleties are a big deal ;)

    This plot isn't new, but I'm not sure what the plot is actually named. Either way if you're going to keep performing it, then try this suggestion out and let me know how it goes; in addition to leaving the other selections 'in view' while the others are made. When the spectators all have their hands on the card, see if you can get four total moments in the effect.

    if you have the spectators seated in a triangle, you can then show the card in the middle to each spectator without the other two seeing it. See where I'm going? You can have each of them individually think of their card without saying it out loud, and then by showing them and asking them to confirm, "is this your card?". You can prevent them from spoiling it because the answer is either yes or no. Now, each person has the "mystery card" change into their selections individually (ala 'everywhere and nowhere' Hofinzer card plot), and they name their cards out, "on 3, everyone say the name of their card out loud..." They all impossibly name the same card, and the card is then turned over.

    {additional idea} OR, after the last person confirms it's their card, top change under the misdirection of the 3rd (and supposedly final) reveal. Change it out for a Joker, or based on your patter (which is obviously about the power of imagination :p) for a blank card. When everyone reveals the name of the same card which also acts as moment #4 AND time misdirection, allow them to turn the card over to reveal what it really was.

    Did not mean to go on a rant, sorry.
  9. It sounds very interesting but it will nicer if I could see a performance of this just to see how strong it is.
  10. I thought the exact same thing as soon as I got home. I have been practicing it A LOT. I won't post it until I am really happy with it.

    Firstly I just want to say thanks for posting because I really respect your opinion, you seem to know you stuff. The trick is more about the serendipity of all spectators realizing they have the same card even though THEY WATCHED the card go back into the deck with very convincing shuffling. This brings me to...

    I love what you say in the first part. You're completely correct in that it lends more power due to its impossibility. I'm thinking of leaving each spectators selection actually on the table. Obviously its some random card, I do some sort fo switch to exchange it with the forced card. This way each spectator 'sees' their card on the table and they all come together as one.

    I'm also trying to figure out how to use a blank card, like you said.
  11. Said plot fails to be previously undiscovered,
  12. Awesome!! That makes me happy :)
  13. Austin Fields has some great info / thoughts posted. I like the way he thinks.
  14. Jay Sankey uses a similar plot in his "Group Hypnosis". He makes it out to be as if the spectators never saw what they thought they saw making the card vanish from the deck.

  15. Fails to be undiscovered prior, the plot has been utilized a multitude of occasions,
  16. okay, just to be clear, this Liderc guy is saying that this plot is not original.

    p.s. if you were going to release something like this, i wouldn't name it three-way if you want to save yourself from years of sex jokes.
  17. oops I misread that. Well, PurpleMustache, that IS the joke... :p
  18. Or how about making a gaff card with all 3 cards printed on it. So you show a joker in the end, turn it over, they all hold the card and visualize their card, and when the card is turned over, all 3 cards are there.
  19. Someone actually told me that would be a good idea yesterday at a magic shop. The only problem is that I don't think I could make a card that actually looked good.
  20. It's pretty simple, if you cannot make an actual card (which you could easily do with card splitting), you can take a blank face card, and draw the cards on there with a sharpy. You can also make the card in photoshop, print it out on a peace of nice quality paper, and stick it on the face of a blank card. You could also laser print it on the face of a blank faced card. You can send an idea to couple of magic dealers, and they could make the card for you etc.
    There are tons of ways.

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