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  1. Hey guys, where could I find a good source on contact juggling? Just looking to get into the very basics of it.

  2. Go out to Target, Walmart, or Walgreens and get a Fushigi ball. Laugh as you may, it comes with a DVD teaching some basic moves, and the ball itself isn't that bad in quality.
  3. You can get this DVD here:

    I heard it contained some great stuff and quality teaching in there. Might want to check that out.

    After that, you could go to Walmart and grab a Fushigi ball w/ DVD, as it also teaches some moves.
  4. Haha, thanks William, I'll check it out :). Probably not a bad deal.

    Thanks dbmagic4.
  5. Thanks Casey! Looks like a good DVD.
  6. The fushigi ball looks awesome. It's definitely on my Christmas list. And it's only $20!
  7. I have 2 fushigis (i was lucky enough to get 2 in a box by accident). They are good to learn with, however, if you want to get serious about contact juggling in the future, i hugely suggest you think about purchasing a better ball from somewhere. contact juggling .org has some good tips about what balls to use. Frankly, the fushigis just arent that great. Personally, I hate the metal sphere inside the acrylic. they are always off-center and look bad. Plus, they arent as durable as other balls, but hey, its good to start with :p
  8. My local juggling shop called "Air Traffic" sells contact juggling spheres. They are high-quality acrylic. Not sure I want to invest too heavily in contact juggling. I've just always been a fan of it since the movie "Labyrinth". I'll try out the Fushigi for now, and if I take a strong liking to it, I'll invest in a nicer orb.

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