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  1. How's it going out there kids? I'm going to talk to you about an INSANE effect, 'Contort' [the borrowed key bend on THIER keyring], by Kevin Parker - creator of 'Revolution' and 'From Nothing.'

    I received a copy from Kevin, and let me just say...NICE! This effect is so good. I'm not even kidding. The handling for this is incredibly practical; it's nearly untouchable by most key bend routines, and the visual of the bent key, ON THEIR KEYRING, just takes the cake.

    If you have yet to see the demo at, or hear about it, this is how it goes.

    You walk up to a spectator, and ask to see their keys. You then grab the keys, via the keyring, and begin to shake the keys. After a couple shakes you show them that one of their keys, on their keyring, is bent!

    Come on, how good does that sound?! I mean you never once touch the actual keys before the bend, there's no funny moves, and, to be redundant, THEY'RE BORROWED!

    And if that wasn't enough, Kevin walks you through the entire effect step by step. He shows you the method, the ins, the outs, and other tips on how to make this killer effect stun your audience.
  2. Well if someone walked up to me, grabbed my keys and bent one, I would be a little ticked off..
  3. I agree with th above, If i was unable to use my key becuase of some douchebag, I would be pretty pissed.
  4. lol

    Ok, let me add something to my original post. You, of course, restore the bend back to normal with nothing for them to find, but that is beside the point. The fact of the matter is that you're able to perform a key bend with borrowed keys, on their keyring.

    Not to get aggro - I understand your points, dont get me wrong, but if magicians we're scared of bending someones key in a routine why would there be tons of different methods of doing so?
  5. Haha yeah. That would kinda suck if someone came up to you a bent your only car/house key or something. Most people don't carry keys that they don't use or want, let alone bent. I don't know how you would work around this unless you use your own keys....which kind of ruins the impromptu nature of the effect.
    It doesn't sound bad though. I just wouldn't use it personally.
  6. Not to be condescending, but I think you're being a little hypocritical. I'm sure you know one, or more, PK metal bending effects, so I think that could tie into all metal bending.

    Why do a PK fork and//or spoon bending routine? Now their silverware is ruined. How do you expect them to use that?

    Why bend someones coin? How will they be able to spend it? You just wasted that persons money.

    That's not what PK effects are, well to me at least. To me it's about doing something thats seamingly impossible, and leaving them with a lasting impression that they'll remember you for.

    That's what I strongly feel Contort is. You're doing something with their belongings, and creating that wonder that probably got you into magic in the first place.
  7. If you watch the video in the IllCenter, you will learn that the key is turned back to normal after the trick is done, because in Kevin Parker words, you can´t give them the key if it´s bend, so you turn it back to normal.... check it out
  8. Kevin Parker here. I have to clear up this issue.

    You are not actually bending their key; you are creating a very strong illusion that you are. So, none of their keys are affected in any way and they can use them all they want.
  9. Seems like branden is really trying to promote this product because of an outside force or he feels that strongly about the effect which I haven't seen since I first started magic. Just a thought, especially since this guy has like no posts yet.
  10. I know Brandon very well, it's the same BW that used to write for 24h magic and the Plazza.

    There's nothing wrong with someone asking you to post your thoughts on their effect, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't send out pre-release or free copies of effects!

  11. It wasn't that at all but I have no idea who he is but he was defending it very strongly like he was getting paid to or it was a different username. Since that was cleared up all is well, and no I didn't think KP would do that.
  12. I can vouch for BW's integrity, as I'm sure Dee would agree.

    As for the effect, I think it looks good. It looks a little similar to something Dee showed me ages ago and I really like the idea and (the assumed) methodology behind it.

  13. Seems to me he was only defending it because the arguments against doing it were lame. It's a performance of magic, not a random act of vandalism.
  14. Doesn't look too bad actually, I'll have to think about it.........

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