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  1. ok guys, so I need your advice. I have creator's block, and I have always seemed to have it. idk, I just can't create effects for some reason. I mean, I know enough sleights, but I cant think of something to put together. What do you guys think are some good ways to try and get past this?
  2. stop trying to force it would be good.
    Let the ideas come to you,dont force them to.
    Otherwise you just wind up with mediocrity.
  3. Go see a movie, watch tv, read a book, get out of the house, just do something non magic related so it's not forced. That's usually what I do to avoid creators block. That or stay up late till 3am, that's when a lot of good ideas come to my mind.;)

    Whatever you do, carry a little notepad with you because I can't tell you how many ideas I've thought of would make a great trick, then later totally forget what it was.
  4. Maybe you weren't meant to create?

    Create a good performing character, take other peoples effects and put your spin on them. Not everyone needs to sit and create all day, it's not a necessity to create in able to be a magician.
  5. I had the same problem. About a year into magic, I really wanted to start creating my own effects. I couldn't do it. I tried, and tried, and couldn't do it. After four years of magic, I started creating a huge amount of effects. (Many crap, many, not so bad) Just don't try to force it, and you'll be fine.
  6. My inspiration comes to me while I practice an effect or sleight. The harder I try to get an idea the harder it becomes to get one. Never force yourself to create something. Also, keep in mind that the creative process is different for everyone, so some of the things we mention wont work for you.
  7. Honestly, don't try and think of effects. First off, you shouldn't need to in the first place. There's nothing wrong with performing other people's effects. And I haven't ever sat down with a deck of cards with the intent of creating a trick. It just happens.
  8. go rent a cheap hotel room for a weekend on the other side of town, lock yourself up in your room, take a relaxing bath and reflect on magic. Then go about free thinking with a pen and note pad. Write down any and all ideas. Do this each day. Go home, take a week off, then review your notes, come up with methods for your best ideas.

    Failing hotel go somewhere that isn't comfortable for you to be in or filled with distractions.
  9. You cant force the creative proccess... It has to come to you
    You cant just lock yourself in a room and red bull up some great ideas. If that worked, then everyone would be prolific creators. What you need to do is just stop trying so hard. If you have enough experience, knowledge, and exposure, the ideas will naturally come through your practising and performing.
    Quoting one of my favorite magicians, John Archer, "If you want to find something new, stop looking" Though he meant it as a joke, this does apply. Stop trying so hard. You will find something new if you just let your mind flow.
    Let your creativity flow, instead of just going over every hard move you know, how bout setting yourself some challenges:
    "Wonder how I could achieve this effect..."
    "What can I do with these few objects..."
    "I dont like this move/ trick. How can I improve it..."
    "What hasnt been made yet?"
    "What has been made, has many variations, yet can still be improved?"
  10. Good advice. I like it.

    I still say creating should start with presentations. If you can create a presentation for an existing trick then it will be easier to build from the ground up. You have to understand why tricks are constructed the way they are before you can start constructing your own. You need to learn the rules before you can use them, and even break them.

    I developed a trick I've dubbed "Wonkavision" from messing around with an effect that had no substance. If anything it was an anti-sandwich routine, an isolated card (between two jacks) vanished and ended face up in the deck. Makes no sense to me, but I was practicing it to pull any potential sleights or concepts out of it. I showed it to my girlfriend and in the process realized that you could apply the theme of Wonkavision, straight from the movie, to the effect. The jacks are (tongue in cheek) oompa loompas, and the card is like Mike Teavee.

    It wasn't complete though. So now the card not only travels, it shrinks (yeah, I pulled out my miniature deck) and makes more sense. Three variations on handling later I have a complete effect that only lacks a proper script and practice. (and a few subtleties here and there)

    I might also add a prop for comedic sake, I haven't decided.

    I'm one of the few who can create things out of necessity. I have an idea, how can I accomplish it? Half an hour later I might have two dozen ideas that I can now attempt and see how many will fail (most of them) and how many have potential.

    A lot of people can't just do that. I've found out I can (I also took a lot of architectural drafting well as 'dance 1' in high school )

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