Creative takes on overdone effects.

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  1. Overdone is a stong word, i dont really know if a magic trick can be overdone. But this guy impressed me, I had at least 2 "why didn't I think of that" moments. Also a mercury card fold, there is a thread discussing it at the minute.

  2. That shadow concept is probably one of THE coolest things I have ever seen for a haunted deck ever. Unbelievably smart yet simple to understand.

    The mercury card fold in the context that he used was also smart because the attention was focused on the phone. He said that the card was going to end up in the phone at the beginning of the routine so your eyes were attracted to it the whole time. Perfect misdirection.
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    I like his enthusiasm , haha , he's a funny guy . Btw the haunted deck , did he use the loop or was it another method ??
  4. Sorry brother, the forum has rules against revealing magic.

    I agree with you Casey, i thought it was brilliant.
  5. Im sorry i dont understand most of that. Im not making fun, I genuinely dont understand the point's you're trying to make.
  6. I will do two translations.
    FIRST: Shimshi's execution was not perfect. I spotted a few flaws. Although, his misdirection and performance played over the fact that their were a few flaws. His routine was pretty well planned, but I still did not like it. All of the material is just old. And actually, I just hate any magician who performs for fish, including big named people. Well at least his performance was original.

    SECOND TRANSLATION: I'm jealous that he was able to appear on TV doing tricks that most magicians know, and I am still here performing for people at my local mall.
  7. Tokyo thanks for clearing that up I get it now, I can get a full nights sleep now.
  8. This is probably the longest sentence I've ever seen. :p

    But seriously, I think his tricks were pretty solid. His routining wasn't the best, but he at least he keeps you interested. I wasn't too big of a fan of his performance style, it seems like he's not being natural and trying a little too hard. Maybe that's just me.

    I get what you mean about "old" material. The tricks he did (minus the finale) are pretty much the "defaults" for any close up magician. If you're gonna be on a national TV show, at least do some tricks that the audience has probably never seen before, but its whatever. But Eric's performance wasn't that original. He did a bunch of "default" tricks and Rizer. And he wasn't too engaging, but thats kind of his personality.

    Every time I see a magician on Ellen, I get a wee-bit annoyed. Not because I don't like the idea of magicians on talk shows, but I want to be on Ellen someday and they're taking tricks off of my "Tricks to do for Ellen" list haha :)
  9. Shawn farquar has been on Ellen a few times and each time he's been on, he's done different thing that you wouldn't expect to see standard magicians perform.

    I think the reason a lot of TV performers don't do new and exciting effects is because they probably don't have the TV performance rights to them and because of the time that the show has. Ellen has to get other guests on the show that day as well and also she has her producers telling her how much time they have before the next commercial. All of this stuff can pretty much cause somebody to use a short and sweet effect/ presentation over having some super engaging awesome presentation and trick.
  10. What the name of the Haunted Deck?
  11. Its ok brother , I already did some research and know how its done .

  12. Wait wait guys, shadows in magic a new concept?! Hold the phones. PLEASE don't bring that back again. Especially in a thread talking about over used material! Anyone heard of Larry Jennings? There are a plethora of magicians using the shadow as a presentation for a haunted pack!
  13. Ill be the first to put my hands up and say I haven't seen it done before, even in all my admiration for Larry Jennings. Thanks for informing me!
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    I call mine Casper because I use white ghosts ;)

    If you didn't come across the name of Al Baker, you didn't do enough research. Also, looking at tutorial videos on Youtube isn't really research. If you really want to do research, check THIS out.

    I'll grant you the shadow is somewhat creative, but the rest of the performance is what is horrible about today's magic. Despite his objection, he was doing TRICKS with say-do-see patter. It was "look what I can do" three times in a row.

    Even the use of the shadow lacks any significance. Nobody believes his shadow did anything. I see this as a lost opportunity. Shadows have such innate power in our minds that goes back to our childhood. Why not draw on that rather than simply use it as a visual gimmick?

    Oh, and don't get me started on the "perfectly normal deck" and "every card is different" -- why the heck can't magicians SHOW that without SAYING it. All that saying those words does is make the spectator suspect that THERE IS A METHOD but it just doesn't involve a deck where all the cards are the same.

    Let's do the math - saying what you are doing + focusing the audience on the fact that there is a method + having no meaning greater than look what I can do = THE SAME TIRED OLD TRICKS. Magic is something completely different.
  15. I've seen Cyril using the idea of shadows moving the deck years ago (not personally, it was a TV special). I am certain that idea has been used prior. So given that it was 6 years ago I've seen it, it's been around.
  16. When did he ever say new? You quoted him yourself. he said the shadow concept is "one of the coolest things i have ever seen".
    Never anything about it being new.
  17. Beans,

    That's the first time I've ever seen it done with a haunted deck. I've seen shadows used for other things besides haunted decks but this performance was the first I'VE seen to use it for a haunted deck. I never said it was the first to use shadows for a haunted deck in history. Sorry for the confusion.
  18. Sorry about the confusion here too guys, I just wanted to make sure you guys had your history behind you. I've been so angry at Ellusionist's theft of classic magic effects and crediting it to people centuries later, I think my post came across as condescending. Sorry about that haha. And screw This Is Mentalism 2, seriously, that DVD steals from so many people and kids are going to think Rich Furguson is the creator.

    The Jennings reference was that so many peope criticize him for the overuse of the words "if I cast a shadow over the pack". Let me see if I can find a couple videos of people doing a shadow haunted pack, I swear I've seen them on Penguin or something, in the actual product ad video too.
  19. There wasn't any "flaws", it's just that cameras don't look away. It's was a pretty perfect performance, Dynamo appeared on Children In Need last weekend and that was poorly executed.
  20. His execution was perfect, he astonished and thrilled the audience,thats the magicians job.
    Why new tricks? Does he have to keep up with the supposed latest and greatest?

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