Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

Sep 1, 2007
They cut a LOT of it out. In their credits they showed a bunch of awesome things that didn't make it to the show. sigh. it was still REALLY cool though. Awesome job guys.


ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Just finished watching it! It was awesome!!!:D

Haven't seen it yet, but word from the grapevine is that it looked slick. There's a lot of footage they didn't utilize, so hopefully that will eventually make it into the hands of D&D (as it'd be a shame for all of those hours of additional amazing footage to go to waste).

Awesome, though. Look forward to seeing it.
May 31, 2008
They were on, but there wasn't a lot of footage. I wanted to see a bunch of flourishes slowed down. They were shown in the credits I guess.
May 31, 2008
That's TV for ya'. Many hours of footage generally makes only a few minutes of television. One reason I pull my hair out when making videos.


Probably because they thought guys getting punched was more entertaining then guys doing card tricks. It sort of annoyed me the way they presented the Buck's segment. Not a big deal though.
Oct 22, 2008
Try many years of practice.

Good job, guys. I was a bit worried about what moves would be featured, but I think that the right sleights were picked.

If only the Time Warp guys would have put some effort into learning who was who... that was really unprofessional.

P.S. That vertical card spring was f****ing nuts

i agree with the who was who thing. But you guys were SICK so good job.

Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Maybe we should write to discovery saying that we want more of the flourishes/card sleights by Dan and Dave.
Just don't mention we're magicians, just random people who just caught the show tonight. :D
Dec 30, 2008
Yay! Are we positive this time? Last night was a major letdown. It will be on in fifteen minutes since for some reason my TV is set to EST. It's kind of fun because I always know who won American Idol before everyone else in the state.

Isn't American Idol a live show? btw I'm watching the warp right now. :D
Apr 26, 2009
its funny, i can't do the hackysack move in vertigo for my life, and my dad thought it was impossible, so i bet him it was...we were watchin time warp, and dan did vertigo on the credits, thanks dan and dave, for making me 20 bucks richer

Oct 22, 2008
yah overall i watched it at 8 and 11 but, i mean i def enjoyed it.. i just don't think discovery channel was hmm how should i say it?? into it. Idk I mean they didn't present it well in my opinion. I mean I'm sure they got so much more cool footage yet they did a couple min of, "ok well that's interesting" stuff but not like WOW look at that tiger eat that bird. I blame this fully on discovery channel because im sure dan and dave did alot, it's just that u never no what tv will do...:rolleyes:
May 18, 2008
THAT episode was EPIC! I was upstairs in bed last night at 11:10PM, and was on my iPod, surfing these forums. I saw that this special was coming on, and I RAN downstairs and turned on the TV. That was really cool.

Dan and Dave are EPIC.
Nov 18, 2008
I wasn't around to see this announcement but was watching Discovery anyway and saw their segment come on. Perfect timing. ;)

It did seem kind of out of place. I think it would have fit much better in the Vegas episode. Oh well.
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