Dan Sperry - Fraud? (I Think)

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    I wanted to order some crimson deck from dan sperry's web and seeing that the sihpping cost for a dozen of them is about $13, I was affraid that they use and USPS flat rate envelope.

    So I mailed Dan, I was asking to add more bubble wrap to protect the decks coz they will do a looong journey to Indonesia (my country). He charge a liiiltle bit extra for the other things too

    I sent the money last month (August 5th) but since then, he never again reply my messages, he didn't give me any notification if the package has been ship etc. I've also sent mails to dan sperry customer services, but they didn't relpy either.

    It's been a month now, and the package never came. (I ordered some playing cards too from ebay couples days later, and they all already came)

    I feel that I've been fraud by him...

    I paid him with paypal, does anybody know to claim a refund in paypal?
    Is it possible?
    Or do you guys have any other plans for me to do ?


    UPDATE :
    It turn out to be, Dan was having an accident about last week, no wonder my package and mails got delayed and never been replied. I'll wait for any further information about this... Thanks to JB for clarification

    Sept 5th
    Dan mailed me, he gave me his another mail account. So for now, I'll use it.

    Sept 10th
    The package has just arrived today, Yeeeeyyy!!!
    I'm so happy
    Wanna know why is it so late?
    See my video

    My review on the crimson deck
  2. I think you will have better luck dealing with paypal, report it to them
  3. Or try private messaging him here on the forums.

    Keep in mind if you're dealing with him personally, that he's out on the road right now doing shows and stuff, so he may not have gotten to it right away.

    He's a stand up guy, I just can't see him as a fraud...he has sent me something in the past; I kept an open dialogue with him through PMs here on T11. Sometimes it would take a little while, given that he's a working pro, but he took the time out to send me a reply every time. It took a little while for the package to get here, but it eventually did.

    So yeah, I'd definitely try talking to him, first.
  4. i totally agree with cm### I cant see Sperry doing this on purpose. I used to talk to him on a semi regular basis over the internet. All I can say is try to contact his customer support, keep or find proof of purchase, so when they do get around to returning your emails you are ready to get your money back or something. And I suggest buying only from well known sites.
  5. Dan is an incredibly honest, straight-up guy. I sent him an email tonight to check into this thread ASAP. I'm confident he'll make sure this is resolved for you ASAP - I know he's been on the road a lot these past few weeks and got into a major car accident about a week ago that he's lucky to have survived. He is okay, but that may have affected his ability to handle this as quickly as he would normally have done.
  6. Hopefully you'll get your cards soon now. :)

    Hope he's alright. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  7. Picture of Dan's car after the accident last week:

    Attached Files:

  8. Wow... at magic camp, someone mentioned Dan not coming up because he flipped his car.... I laughed because I thought he was joking!
  9. Eek, that's a nasty looking car wreck. My mom got into a car accident, as well; the whole front of the car was totaled. The police/ambulance team that showed up had NO idea how she was able to walk away from the wreck unharmed. The truly remarkable part about it was, not just that she was unharmed, but that the airbags didn't deploy (and was unharmed despite that).

    Crazy what can happen in an instant.

    Anyway, give him my best, please! :)
  10. Damn, I didn't know that
    No wonder mmy package get delayed, and he never reply my msgs...
    Hope he's okay...

    In that case, I'll wait for any further information about his health 1st then....

    Thax JB, hope everything can get clear here

    PS : I post same thread on E, but they closed it, whew...
  11. Hey everyone. I know that Raiker already closed this thread, but I felt pretty strong about re-opening it. (Raiker.... Please don't hurt me?...:() I think that since JB posted what happened (and a shocking picture), we should all be wishing Dan well as opposed to having a religious debate. From now on, should anyone have an issue related to religion, or any issue, please feel free to send me a PM. Also, reporting a post is the best thing you can do when you see something bad on this forum. Calling someone out on it will not help. PM's to the user are a lot better. Posting on the public board itself will cause nothing but arguments. So, once again, please don't hurt me Jon.:rolleyes:

    Now then... Dan, I wish you the best. Hope you're alright.

    Thread re-opened.

  12. Well I`m shocked... I didn`t expect this. Lets hope people can stay on topic this time through.
  13. Hope everything goes well with Dan.
  14. My one time contacting Dan Sperry was very pleasant, and he seems to genuinely appreciate his fans. I had actually hopped on to ask him a question in PM regarding one of his posts on this forum. After seeing this thread, that question is no longer very important.

    I hope Dan is well, and that any needed recovery is swift.
  15. I'm waiting news from JB
    So, is Dan alright?
    I worried also...
  16. I really hope he is alright... I was really hoping I still get the chance to meet him when he come to my hometown for his show Jan 2nd 2010
  17. I don't like his black finger polish, (just kidding Dan, just poking fun),that aside, I think he's a great guy who is very down to Earth.

    Best wishes go out to Dan! Hope to see ya on the forums soon!
  18. By the Grace of God - oops, I mean I'm "very lucky"

    Hey guys, I don't have a lot of time as I'm about ready to crash..err...i mean fall asleep...

    First, thanks to everybody who's sending the well wishes - its too long of a story to get into right now, I plan on filling the whole story out in my secret diary on my site when I have time to update it in the next few days - hopefully - but basically after dropping off a friend at the airport after MagicLive I was exiting the airport and some crazy person came and hit me side on, caused my car to spin out, flip twice, land upside down, and skid for a good hundred feet or so...meanwhile I'm stuck upside down watching the ceiling compress over my head. If I didn't have my seat belt on I probably could have died and/or been thrown from my car at the least. Death did cross my mind, but I was more worried about being like paralyzed from snapping my neck or something like that. Somehow I was able to walk away - after crawling out the window - with a few scratches and bruises. Unfortunately I did loose a good chunk of money worth of crimson decks that got thrown from he car along with some other personal items.

    The wreck was the other guy's fault and what sucked the most is I never got an appology - what a pomp.

    I'm now getting caught back up with things and orders because I basically had to hit the road 2 days after the accident and have not been home since - just on tour right now. I'm in the process of touching base with everybody who placed orders to let them know things are a bit behind and I'm going to try to catch up asap.

    On a good note I was able to pick up a new Element...unfortunately its not black - this one is black and toxic green and I named it Frankenstein and we seem to be getting along very well.

    In closing I actually am a fraud. My natural hair color is not black. or purple for that matter. And I'm much shorter without the boots...a lot shorter.

    Thanks again guys, I do really appreciate the well wishing! And always wear your seatbelt!
  19. Dan,

    On behalf of my entire family, we are relieved to hear that you are doing well. (Thomas from the YouTube video is my oldest son. You have a lot of fans in this household.)

    Take care, and good luck with your upcoming tours.
  20. Gladly u're fine now...

    I'll inform you asap when the crimson deck arrive



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