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  1. I have just received my copy of distortion and first i have to say, there was amazing shipping and great DvD quality... but that is about all the good things I can say about this product

    The Gimmick:

    The gimmick can be quite hard to operate at first but you later get the hang of it, I practiced for about 2 hours, showed the trick to 3 people and filmed me doing it untill the poorly made gimmick broke, and if you don't have gimmick, your screwed

    I was expecting this gimmick to last a long time because Micheal Ammar (WOOT) and Wayne Houchin (WOOT) made it, but it lasted about 3 hours (I used gimmick EXACTLY how wayne says to use it and how to make it last onger)

    get ready to go through alot of these gimmicks

    gimmick gets a sad score of 4/10

    DVD quality

    The DVD quality is amazing, it is alot better then his other DVD Indecent (card through bag) on the dvd, you can see the gimmick and everything, and I was watching it on a mini DVD Player

    The DVD quality gets a good score 9.2/10


    As I said before, I couldn't get alot of reactions out of this because of the poorly made gimmick, but from the 3 I got... you know what never mind I can't give this a mark

    Reactions gets NA/10


    If you love a magic video with AMAZING DVD quality, this is a must buy, but if you are into tricks that will last more then a day, even using the long lasting tips, you will not like it

    it gets a bad 4.1/10
  2. Sorry, about the gimmick. I have had my gimmick for almost two months, and it has yet to break.

    Feel free to submit a support ticket -- I'm sure the guys at customer service will lend you a hand -- or feel free to take advantage of theory11's guarantee.

    I'm sorry your disappointed with your purchase.

  3. well maybe you werent doing it right. My gimmick wasnt poorly made at all.Imaging making 500+ by hand!

    Make the gimmick your self its not that hard.
  4. I would submit a support ticket, perhaps your gimmick was defective. You do have to remember, as it has been mentioned that they are hand made, so you could: a) make your own or b) get a new one and test it to see if it lasts longer. Mine has personally yet to break, but I do understand why you are frustrated.
  5. TwistedAces,

    Your previous post has been removed due to exposure of the effect. Nevertheless, contact our support crew and we'll take care of you and make sure you get a replacement sent immediately.

    Rest assured, all gimmicks are inspected before they leave our warehouse -- BUT as they are a hand-made, very delicate item, they do break, and some may be more fragile than others. If you ever have any issue, contact us and we'll take care of you: http://www.theory11.com/support/

  6. I think the pictures should be removed due to exposure. Send them via PM to the guys at the site perhaps.

    However, I am surprised it broke. Either something was caught up adding extra tension, or there was perhaps some mishandling.
  7. pics are down :p

    I was handling the card perfectly, I took everything wayne said to handle card good and I used it, but it still got pwned
  8. I'm sorry to hear that you did not like it. I have had my gimmick since the effect came out for the pre release and it has lasted me fine. Did you just recieve your copy, if so...maybe you should wait a while before trying to show it to someone - especially with a delicate gimmick. However, I am glad to see the great customer service in willing to help you get a new gimmick! Well done T11!

  9. ^ i emailed them, and im still waiting for a response
  10. All support tickets are answered within 12 business hours.

    Good Luck.

  11. same thing happened to me. i had the gimmick for three days, handled it as the dvd said, only performed it twice and it fell apart.

    i was quite dissapointed as i liked the trick and the dvd. if an offer comes out where i can buy the gimmick without buying another dvd, i will take it.
  12. You can buy an additional Distortion gimmick by submitting a support ticket and providing your order number for $9.95.

    However, be sure to let customer support know the problem that you encountered, and I'm sure they'll lend you a hand.

  13. yes if it felt apart that quickly I'm sure it may have been damaged in some way. Not saying you did it, maybe it was defective. I have had mine for a while, used it all Sunday at the harvest festival and did not have any problems. Certainly submit a ticket man, these guys are SUPER helpful.
  14. is this the only way to get an extra gimmick
  15. One of a couple of reasons why I didn't pick this up.
  16. The only problem I've had with the gimmick is that it gets dirty from me handling it in the desert.. but that's just cause I'm in the desert... And the fact that I haven't gotten my replacements yet.. but thats due to the crappy army mail system I'm sure... either that or some sort of vindictive mailman is going on a magical neighborhood tour doing Distortion door to door...
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    The only way to buy a replacement Distortion gimmick is to submit a support ticket and provide your order number, in order to ensure that you have already purchased Distortion.

  18. i know the feeling

    i was one of the first people to order distortion, yet received it almost last (out of the pre-orders) since i saw cyril do a version of this effect i have wanted it. so it finally arrives and i watch the dvd. it's typical W:H Brilliance through and through.
    however i open the gimmick when it gets to the part where he explains it and to my horror i find it to be broken.

    imagine how i felt. wanting it for so long, then waiting. then finally it arrives and is broken.

    anyway i submitted a ticket and within 3 days had a replacement with a complimentary deck of 1st edition guardians. this more than made up for it as it was simply a defective item. you have to expect that from hand made delicate items.

    also don't forget theory 11 have awesome customer service and i'm sure all your problems will be addressed. look at the guardians. some people didn't like them all that much. (personally i really like them) now they have been completely re done. you can't ask for more than that.
  19. Only practiced 3 hours?

    First of all I recieved Distortion a week ago, and Im very pleased. But By no means do I perform a new effect after only practicing for 2 or 3 hours. I could be wrong, but maybe rushing to do this effect and impatience played a part in the breaking of the gimmick.
  20. I actually bought disstortion from here, the gimmick was already broken when I took it out of the package. The support wanted me to ship the gimmick back at MY COST to see if it was broken from them or by me (it's obvious on what the outcome will be when any company says that). I pretty much had to fix the gimmick myself which was a complete pain in the butt, it took me over a day to figure it out. After what happened and how the support was through Theory11, I am going to put my buisness through this company on hold till I see improvements on it.

    Anyways, they should of just sent me another one because in no way am I going to go through a hassle through this company, I never had to do this before to any company up untill now.

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