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  1. I have this happen a lot. I know a lot of street magic so I usually pull out a simple trick. I'm always set for a stigmata and for a double card to pocket. I normally do the ambitious card though. Just learn something easy and learn to make it amazing. People that ask for something don't usually expect anything, so if you do something simple they wont know the difference.
  2. I always performs.
    - Kaos (Great reaction)
    - Bad Influence
    - Role Play
    - Angle Zero
    - Hands of fate (Luke Jermay)
    - Stigmata
    - Read spectator's mind with force card
    - Self Tying Shoelace
  3. A great one is Subway from the Trilogy. I just learned it and Im hooked. Other great choices are ACR, biddle, stigmata, or ID if you have one on you, but really you should just perform any trick that you would do if you asked someone if you could show them a trick. You dont have to do these, these are just tricks that in my opinion are good and easy enough for most people. Do what fits your style (I know people say this a lot but it is really true) and what you like performing. Also use these opportunities to practice new material. ITs really up to you what you perform, just make sure you make a good first impression and leave them wanting more.
    Wouldn't recommend that, but if you dont like them I can understand not wanting to perform.
  4. Steve Freeman's Time Machine combined with Swiss Made and a Clipshift in for good measure. Will take practice but is so worth it.
  5. These Trilogy tricks seem to get the best reactions for me:

    Tivo 2.0 (my favorite - it's easy to do and it's pretty visual.)
    Subway (good because it's angleproof...hope that wasn't exposure)
    Card to Mouth
    Twinsplit Remix / Fission for Aces (hard to pull off, but it's pretty cool)

    Ambitious Card Routine
    Out of this World (simple I know, but still...)

    I like these color changes too.

    Ego change
    Duck change
    Jones change

    Hope that helps a bit...just remember that, unless you're paid, you aren't being forced to perform. If you don't feel like performing, don't.
  6. Usually, if someone just comes up and ask me to do a trick, and I have a sharpie, then I do a card to pocket.

    If you don't have a sharpie then ask them to name a card to prove that there is no way you can use duplicates (of course you don't have to explain that).
  7. My school is private, so I have to wear a uniform and it has a breast pocket. So I do a classic coin vanish and as I do the whole rubbing to make it disappear thing. I ditch the coin in my breast pocket.

    Or when I want to do a trick I do the same thing but go ''Hay do you want some money'' and pretend to put it in their hand and it vanishes.

  8. do "quick trick" with a hot shot cut, then, say that was just what is called a flourish. a flourish you can see, magic you can't. demonstrate this by doin d and d's hand to mouth or card across. thats it, it is my little pet routine for those situations.
  9. This is really simple for me.. I simply control the card to the bottom. At this point I preform a clipshift VERY slowly. It simply KILLS.....

    Oh and its reversed on top :) So there card is the only face up card in the deck! Crazy Crazy reactions and takes less then 30 seconds to perform..

  10. I usually do a trick called "Jokers Wild". Here's the link... its a great effect that gets good reactions. The best part is you can critique it to what fits you best.

  11. I usually do something quick and visual with a thumb tip. Quick vanish/production and walk away :)
  12. acr
    time machine
    hand to mouth
  13. dont think that this trick is easy...in the 1 on 1 sections its under " advanced"...
    and in my opinion its unpractical to do the trick in front of a person....but if you are master in card magic go for it :D

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