"Do a trick."

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  1. I almost never say "No". Only when I am with my girlfriend (she hates it). But that's normal. But If something like this happens I usually do really short ACR with some kicker ending. Or some quick sponge ball routine - production, multiplation and vanish. That works for me and it's always different.

    "If you know thousand tricks and only one way of revelation you really know only one trick. But if you know only one trick and thousand ways of revelation you really know thousand tricks."

  2. What? That's just like saying "I perform a 'double lift' for them"...

    Usually I'll decline but sometimes I'll do a quick sandwich routine...
  3. What's twinsplit remix??
  4. trick on the trilogy, where you split an 8 to two 4s, then into two 2s, and then 2 aces. quite visual
  5. No thats Fission for Aces. Twinsplit Remix is when you take a three and split it into an ace and a 2. then you put them back together.
  6. ...:(

    That is something i would never do. A flourish for some1 who ask's u to do a trick... why would you ever do that? I mean yea acr is ok ( IT'S A TRICK) but a colour change naah..(that itself is not a trick unles u combine it with something.) so if that is what you do, then im gonna have to say that it's better if u stick doing only the acr, and not any flourishes or color changes. (Dont get me wrong.. of course u can do a color change in acr(but in itself color change is still not a trick))
  7. Doesnt really bother me.

    Whoever comes up to me and asks "Do a trick" i just change an identity of a card a few times through various colour changes.

    How is that not a trick? view it from a spectator's point of view- then you can argue if its a trick or not.

    and i was serious when i said flourish. Tudor's Sybil-Badhabit is considered a flourish eh? its just a sybil+ 2 1 handed fans. *then using ur mouth to get the spectator's card*

    as far as im aware, Sybils and 1 handed fans are both flourishes.
  8. Subway by Dan and Dave. And also shinkos twisting arm.
  9. watch my thumb... oh my god i pulled it off, oh its back on. awesome okay thanks bye.
    my day to day avoidance routine.
  10. Haha nice. I have ended up lately asking them if they have a quarter, and making it "dissapear" into my pocket, and walk away
  11. Most of the time I just perform the Razzle Dazzle Cut. Either that or a Hindu Force. When it comes down to it, whatever works best for you in the situation. Sometimes it is better just say "no."
  12. I told a bunch of people at school that i quit magic because they just wouldn't stop asking me to bend a quarter like i did one time with my teachers coin. But the ones who aren't as annoying i usually do
    -Biddle trick
    -Angle Zero (although i have to set it up, it could just be the pocket instead of somewhere crazy
    - french drop coin vanish with more presentation
  13. I usually will do some impromptu effect if i dont have a setup ready. But if they are the loudmouth, i need to be the center of attention, will try to ruin your trick type then i will usually say i dont have any cards or just completely ignore them. In highschool you should be able to tell.
  14. You'd be surprised how much just simple mindreading ("pick a card, don't let me see it, now envision it in my eye") gets reactions. Whether by means of force or glimpse.
  15. Have them take a card, control the card. Show an X card, then I do the Clip Shift so it changes to their card. :)
  16. Grabbing your thumb and pulling it off a few inches (like I'm sure a lot of your uncles use to do) is always fun.

    You'll get a laugh at least.
  17. Get a swami gimmick or some dollar bill tricks like "5 and 1 Transpo" or "2 dollar window" both from penguin

    These get great effects and getting caught is pretty hard but they play big.
  18. Take off your pants and run around the room/area

    Look at the great reactions you'll get.... mwahahah...
  19. ROFL. Personal experience, buddy? :eek:

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