Do you think this is a little unprofessional?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, May 10, 2010.

  1. I'm not doing a rant, or complaining about anything, this is just a thought-provoking topic to get your mind flowing and to generate some ideas.

    Genesis by Andrei Jikh was released at the latter end of 2009. Since then, they have put no effort into even editing the second volume (Jonathan Bayme even said this), even though they already filmed all 3 volumes.

    Here is the link to the forum topic with Jonathan's post:

    I'm just thinking that this may be a little unprofessional.

    Here is my thought:

    If you are going to put out a 3 Volume DVD series, wouldn't you put everything you believed in into getting it out there for the public as soon as possible? I'm not saying rushing it, but maybe they should have started at least editing the 2nd volume already....Jonathan even said it was currently on the horizon, which means they haven't started working on it yet.

    This may come across as a complaint, but I'm just addressing this as a topic to get your opinions. Is theory11 being a slight bit unprofessional here?

    Post away.


  2. How long did we have to wait for the Tron sequel? Patience...

    I don't think it's unprofessional at all. Since Genesis V1, Theory11 has released 3 DVD, and many more 1-on-1's. They're busy. There was Magic-Con, countless projects being worked on, etc. JB himself said he was insanely busy in the podcast with him and Dan White, and is working almost all hours of the day.

    Unprofessional would be doing no work at all, and leaving V2 and V3 to collect dust. They're not putting on their eggs in one basket, they have other things to work on, and other things lined up. Everything will be released in time.
  3. Thanks for your opinion Caulfield. I don't mean unprofessional as in lazy and slack, I mean that they should at least let us know what's up with their hectic schedule so they don't lead to questions like this. I just felt as it has been a little long. They built up Genesis, everyone was excited at the time of release, but now that they waited all the excitement has gone down dramatically. I see no one reference Genesis all that much anymore these days. It's a little disappointing to me, but I just wanted to hear opinions and thoughts. Thanks for the reply.

  4. At least you took the time to explain your argument and state your position instead of ranting away like a lot of the other posts lately. So props for that.

    I wouldn't go so far as saying it is unprofessional, everything T11 does is at the top of the spectrum of professionalism, and they do it in a very informal and friendly manner at the same time.

    The jist i have gotten is that they are incredibly busy at the moment, as they have a tonne of different projects on the go. If you think about it they arent that large in terms of staff, and they have to run the business of selling products and managing the site alongside producing new products, all of this whilst performing as professional magicians.

    So to be honest, i doubt they have much time spare at the moment to edit volume 2, editing takes a surprising amount longer than you think. As well as this they have got to work with projects equally between all of the other members who are working on releasing content, so its a balancing act.

    Hope that didn't sound like me slating you, i was just stating the issues that might effect it.
  5. Unprofessional? No. Haha.

    Andrei does the editing for all the T11 videos and I think he is a full time student too. That is a full workload.

    It will come out when it comes out. Relax and enjoy all that there is now.
  6. I know there is patience, and like I said i wasn't complaining or whining about it. I was just stating a thought. It doesn't mean im fully and 100% behind that thought. But thanks for the response, hopefully i cleared some things up. :)
  7. I see what you mean. Maybe they're not updating us on it right now because its not really in their schedule at the moment. Then again, JB said in a podcast that he has a lot of projects in the works, but he doesn't want to say anything because he wants to build the mystery and excitement that you were just referring to. Eventually, a V2 trailer/hint is going to pop up and then BAM - its all on.
  8. Instead JB might not want to release a trailer or anything now, when they wont be able to release it for a few months more for example, because that would encourage false hype and annoy people even more.
  9. Im not with you on this one man. I say let the hype die than build that junk up again!! WOOHOO!!!

    But seriously, Im glad they didnt release them in quick succession, because that doesnt allow anytime to take it all in. If they had done it al right away, you would end up just picking a few moves from each disk and getting rid of the rest, where the goal is, as andrei said, to build up from dvd to dvd.

    I think its comparable to holidays. If Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas happened in 3 successive days it'd be like "OH YEAH BABY!!..... ahh crap its over"

    So I say, T11 take your time and blow our minds when the time is right.
  10. All companies have different reasons to realease their product at various times. I'm pretty sure Apple already have the next generation of iphones ready to ship. Are they unprofessional for not releasing it? I think not. It's just how they do their marketing to maximize the sales of their products.
  11. I halfway agree with the OP. I mean, there are deadlines, there are delays and there are delays that run into years. If you are going to overshoot deadlines by more than a few months, I think you need to put out regular updates to let people know what's going on. Anyway, it's not something I would rant about, but it can be a minor annoyance.

    As an extreme example, consider the saga of Richard Kaufman's much awaited Mr. Jennings takes it easy. You can check out the following links to see how much this book has been delayed.

    Check out what Rick Maue says. If he is to be believed, the book should have been released before 2002.

    This is from 2006, and Kaufman has barely finished the text of the book.

    Fast forward to today, and the book is still nowhere in sight. I can only hope that when it comes out, the wait would have been worth it. I can imagine some tongue in cheek ad copy saying that this book that was over ten years in the making!!! :)
  12. Just wanted to chime in on this. To echo what most of the previous posts have stated, our core team is a very passionate bunch, but we can only do so many things at once. Between new DVD shoots, a constant stream of 1-on-1's, Magic-Con last month, the Magic Castle last week, SNC's, podcasts, and much more that has yet to be revealed, we have been burning the midnight oil more than ever before. You'll be seeing some very, very exciting new things in the coming weeks that no one - no one - knows about yet.

    Regarding Genesis v2 - this is certainly on the horizon. To clarify descartes's post a bit, this is not an overshot deadline by any means. Even before the release of Genesis v1, we knew that it would be several months before we would really start jamming on v2. We've been pretty clear with updates to those that have inquired and asked. Like a sequel to a good movie, we want to make sure we raise the bar even higher with v2. Genesis is a massive undertaking - volume one alone was FOUR hours of full frame high definition footage on 30+ moves.

    To provide some insight - what we have in store for v2 doesn't push the envelope - it burns it, shreds it, and eats the envelope. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it will be pretty damn cool! Understandably, though, we have to keep in mind that this site is a large community with a variety of interests and ability levels. If we only put out cardistry videos, magic enthusiasts wouldn't be happy. So we have to keep our production pipeline moving, with a healthy balance of magic and cardistry.

    I promise it will be well worth the wait. If you think of Genesis v1 like Batman Returns, then v2 will be like the Dark Knight. But instead of fighting crime, there is just insane cardistry. And instead of Batman, there is Andrei Jikh.
  13. Although Batman Returns was quite an awesome Batman movie directed by Tim Burton, I believe you're referring to Batman Begins, JB. :)
  14. Exactly, I have seen several of your post before on the topic of Genesis and they are all disgruntled on the lack of news on up and coming Genesis related things. Personally it's getting rather annoying, I am not trying to be offensive towards you, but things take time and will eventually come out.
    Not all the magicians will learn at the same pace, as said in this quote you have to take in time, the point is to take in all of the things on the DVD, I will take time to get everything down from the DVD, so why not just wait and practice now.
  15. Not really sure how it is unprofessional... Its all about the money, if they can make more money editing 4 1 hour DVDs than editing 1 4 hour DVD then that's what they are going to work on. It's all very professional. They made no promises on release dates, and there are so many other sources to learn flourishes from in the mean time. It is not possible that you have even looked at all the flourishes there are to be learned, much less learned most of them.

    So while you wait, if you are really that eager, go to youtube and start searching, then go check out one of the countless DVDs on the subject, and when you are done with all that, go back and practice the moves you think you have already mastered because chances are at least half of them need more work before you move on to the next bit of material.

    All of that should keep you busy for a couple of years at least, there should be no real rush.
  16. Hi there,

    I dont think its unproffessional at all. Genesis V1 was a massive project for Andrei, not to mention that it was technically his Debut product for T11 (besides the 1 on 1's) so i bet he took a lot of time directing and producing that video.

    Regardless- it was only released a couple of months ago. The buck twins made us die for andthensome. But it was worth it :)

  17. Word.

    You guys should release a clip of Andrei screaming at someone like Bale did...
  18. Not at all, they might just want to space things out.
  19. TRON.

    Its not un-professional, just choice. If I were them I would only work on one or two projects at a time. Any why not have Genesis all vol edited at once, then progressively release them?


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