Ellusionist - Losing Touch?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dylan P., May 1, 2008.

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  1. Card/coin. :p

  2. Dude, the link doesn't work! :confused:

  3. How is it my fault that you were didn't Google Harry Kellar's name?

    Since when have I been one to go with an opinion just because it's the majority?

    You immediately assume the worst of the people watching Celebracadabra. You assume the worst of those who click on the link.

    You're either afraid of your audience, or you just selfishly don't want to share your table. Which is it?

    Try me.

    Ever see Penn & Teller's show on Showtime? Ever seen their stage show?

    Go watch those. If the stroke you have over the deliberate exposure doesn't finish you off, come back and talk to me when you've had a little persective.

    Considering you haven't been able to access those forums for a while now, you're not really in a position to talk.

    But of course, people will say that about anything they publish.

    That's a stretch. Technically, in order to access the internet you had to pay for the ISP and phoneline and the computer.

    Also, if you own the library card, that doesn't mean you actually own the book. If you really want to get anal about it, that means you don't have the performing rights and if you perform what you learned from those books, you're still technically a thief.

    Trust me, it's no less stupid when someone other than me says it.

    You're harping on a typo?

    That's it. My faith in magicians is completely dead now. I'm going to go drink the pain away.
  4. I thought you had given up on magicians ages ago.
  5. Public libraries are FREE. No cost for the card. No cost to check out the book.

    Does that change anything?

  6. I foolishly retained hope. In a moment, Misters Johnny B and Jacky D are going to take care of that for me. But hey, a bitter, drunken Slovak. Who's surprised?
  7. Only when it's true.

  8. Wow so true.
  9. What?

    That you don't need to have all the "cool" new dvds from E, or that you can't live without the Black Tiger Decks.

    What I am saying is all you need are a couple Tally's, a couple good books, and practice and you will be fine. You don't have to buy every new deck, or dvd just because E said its what all the stars use.

    Everything is business, they couldn't care less about how many people hate them. As long as people are buying things than they are happy.

    It's only getting worse now because of people like you bickering to other people words. What are you going to do? It's the internet grow up.
  10. No, I think people just use it as an excuse to tell newbies not to buy anything from a certain place.

    Also, they use it as an excuse to stagnate. When you reach a plateau, it requires a shot in the arm of motivation to keep going. Not everybody finds that, so they rest on their laurels.
  11. Yes, but that was not what I was referring to. I was saying that people should stop complaining and just learn that what's out their you don't really need. Not all of those things are necessary to be good.
  12. I never said they were, so I don't know why the goblin in your head commanded you to attack me the way you did.
  13. at this site what type of tricks are they revealing if its like 2CM or biddle trick i'll be annoyed. Why can't you release it here we are all magicians and they are probarbly simple tricks
  14. Ellusionist are only exposing little tricks, not the big ones like Gaff Decks or anything. Penn and Teller on th eother hand...

  15. To Steepike,

    In no way am I intending to offend you by saying this...but...

    Don't you have better things to do then comment on EVERY SINGLE post you don't agree with?

    Is that what you do all day?
  16. I fail to see how he can take anything but offence to that remark mate.

    Kinda' defeats the point of a forum if no one posts in threads they have strong feelings about. Personally...i really wish T-11 would take the same stance on pointless E bashing in its forums as E does against pointless T-11 bashing in its forums.

    There isn't any as it's stamped out quick.

    If everyone could just get on more then i'm pretty positive that we'd all..well, get on more. Pointless whining and attacking each other is better off left to face-to-face arguments outside pubs. At least then you can use your bloody fists.

    Seriously guys...are there not more important things to be worrying about?
    I wasn't gonna' post in this thread but every time I log back on it's grown bigger and bigger and more ridiculous.

    He said, she said, they did this and that....pretty bloody pathetic don't ya'll think?

    And to the guy that thinks Ellusionist couldn't care less about how many people hate them:

    I don't think you know what it is you're saying...and hate is a very nasty word.

    Peace out ma brothers.

  17. Finally someone speaks right!

    there should be a "ignore thread" button around here
  18. I don't know what is it.

  19. I know it doesn't work. I blurred it out because if I really said it it would be exposure.

  20. No. You still have taken time to actually look for what you need or have taken time to get a card. Not exposure.
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