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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Ben Long, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Thank you very much. This has greatly motivated my decision.. now I have to find the money.. :)
  2. Even a Starburst Candy??????????? Holy Shamolies, I might look into this now.:D
  3. I think you'll find they're Opal Fruits... Psshaw.

    But still... this opens up for new possibilities... Damnit, I wasn't planning on getting this.

    - Sean
  4. What applications does this have? Could I say, use this with cards? I don't think I'd want someone to write on me, LOL.
  5. Why don't you just right on your own hand? I'm sure it would still work.
  6. Sorry for asking so many questions.

    - Can you be wearing a glove when performing eXile?

    This could, quite possibly, give away the method. Thus, it's fine to just ignore me. :D

  7. I do have a questipn That I would love answered, Could I for example force a card lets say the three of clubs.and place a quater in their hands, have them concentrate on the quater, when I lift the quater it would say 3 of clubs on their hand, is this possible?
  8. Hey Bayme can this be done on any other part of your body, or the spect body, like arms necks I dont know xD.. And can this be applied to a deck of cards? or paper?

    Is the coin examinable at the end?
  9. For everyone asking questions, I will be happy to answer them as soon as I recieve the effect, as it seems that no one else will.
  10. Please read through the whole thread to find jon raiker's post and read it very carefully before you do any such thing. By and large there's a reason some questions are going unanswered.
  11. Well said. We've answered countless questions regarding eXile thus far -- literally anything you'd want to know. There are a few questions we pass over from time-to-time, for the sole reason that the members asking the question(s) seem to be trying to reverse engineer the effect rather than propose legitimate inquiries. The effect looks exactly like the performance shown in the preview - and the multiple performances shown on the DB special.

    We will continue answering questions wherever legitimate, but please understand that any questions that may lead to exposure will be removed or edited per our established forum rules.
  12. The questions in this thread are funny....

    "Can I do this trick while wearing underwear?"

    "Can I take a bottle of white out and have the mark of Satan appear under there?"

    "What about my feet? Can I do this effect on my feet?"

    "What if I had the spectator lay down...can I draw Z's on his forehead and balance a quarter on his big fat nose and have the Z's appear under there?"
  13. My post was well intended, and I feel that a purchaser has a right to see the entire effect before purchasing. (Please note that I have already purchased the effect) I tried to find a video on the internet of David's performance, but was unsuccessful. And the preview has an edit in it right in the middle of the performance; that is something that bothers me.

    I believe that reverse engineering is perfectly acceptable, but I do agree with your right to refuse to answer some questions. I meant that I would be willing to answer some of the very legitimate questions that have been passed over. I apologize that my post was very exaggerated. Thank you Jon for the countless questions you have answered, and for your patience.

    ~The Wind Wizard
  14. A question specifically for Mr. Raiker:

    Can I perform eXile while wearing my Socks?

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