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  1. I think someone ask this before, but can you mark someone without them knowing, for example could I write three of clubs on their hand without them knowing
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    I doubt you could write on someones hand without them knowing... In my opinion, combining a coin trick, a body trick and a card trick all in one would confuse the heck out of everyone. Mr. Bayme-chicka-wah-wah said in an earlier post that you can make any small marks; not just x's.

    I hope that clears it up for ya.

  3. I havent seen this question posted for this trick. In the video after he puts the coin in her hand it has a cutscene so my question is can you just drop the coin into the hand or do you have to push down on it
  4. I'm sure this is a similar principle to a trick that was published before, completely forgot the name and creator though, can someone help me out:

    Magician writes something on specs hand, magician pinches it like in exile and it vanishes and appears on the specs arm.

    Anyone know what trick that is^? And if JB knows it, is it a similar principle?
  5. I believe the effect you're referring to is Stars and Hexes by the insanely clever Reed McClintock. While Stars and Hexes also involves the movement of ink, the technique / method by which this happens (and the presentation of how it happens) is completely different in both the vanish and the reappearance. Reed is, however, credited on the eXile DVD, and I spoke with Reed early this past week to thank him for his blessing to do so.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean, per say. This effect does involve the movement of ink from one place to another under impossible conditions. While the core technique in the DVD is that shown on the DB special, I have a feeling that many of you will come up with your own applications that are WAY outside the box.
  6. That's the one. Thanks for clearing that up, now I'm completely stumped.
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    - Are you limited to using a certain type of pen?

    - Does it have to be a quarter? Could it, for example, be a Starburst candy?

    - Can the quarter be examined?

    Thanks! These questions will motivate me towards purchasing eXile.

    EDIT: The pen can be examined, thanks.
  8. Can someone please answer my question? Does the coin require some kind of force applied down on it or can it simply be just dropped into the hand? I would also like to see a live performance of this with no cut scenes..When performing for somone we dont get the option to cut out suspicious parts..
  9. I also forgot to ask can the coin be FULLY examined before the effect or can it be a borrowed coin?
  10. can i vanish the x's to their eyes so they go blind?
    :D jk

    can the x's be vanished to the other said of the specs hand?
  11. Just a reminder that questions regarding specifics of technique or method cannot be answered, as that would be exposure of the effect. Any posts pertaining to speculation of method or technique will be edited / removed accordingly.

    That said, I don't think there's a question in the world about eXile that we haven't answered at this point.
  12. Sorry to bring up my questions again, but I feel it's pretty important.

    - Do I have to use the quarter? Could I substitute the quarter for another small item, such as a Starbursts candy?


    EDIT: I'm not trying to dig at the method here.. I just was looking for Halloween magic tricks and thought this one would be cool, especially if it could be a small candy. Just let me know if this cannot be answered, but please let me know, rather than not answering at all.

  13. Yeah, all except my questions. Plus I dont think asking can the coin be fully examined is an unreasonable question. And if your trying to sell an effect..dont use cutscenes...I see too much of that type of editing on mindfreak.
  14. Not to be rude, as I'm a very neutral person on the whole, but who are you to tell them what they can and cannot do when selling an effect.

    T11 have never hidden things unjustly in any of their advertising in my opinion, everything plays as in the video demo's - The cutting tends to be stylistic more than anything, but if they were to cut out a particular maneuver, it would be to prevent reverse engineering of the effect, something that wouldn't be noticed in real performance but you could see on video!

    Either way, I have an idea of the way this works, but I'm not going to fish for the method as I know that the DVD will be worth the purchase.

  15. eXile, UK folk and gimmicks

    I dunno if this topic has been mentioned yet and i also don't know if it is even allowed to be discussed BUT with the new coming effect eXile, which looks bloody brilliant by the way, I was wondering if it involved a gimmick coin. I am not asking this so i can figure it out but because with everyone who lives out of the states am sure they realize how fake the effect becomes when you have to use a coin that is not from the country you live in.

    If anyone can help out or feel like they can relate or even understand what am saying please feel free to help out.

    Much appreciated Deck Check (omar)
  16. thats how we feel with digital dissolve when we're stuck using an english penny.
  17. I dont know this method or have any inside info but I'm pretty sure you could
    use a coin from you native land.
  18. It looks to me like any coin can be used - then again, I could be way out on method!:p

    But if Bich does it, he'll do it with euro coins...

  19. According to what I have seen of this effect, there shouldn't be any heat on the coin itself... If you watch the way it is performed, all of the attention is drawn to the "x's" on the spectators palm. The coin should be played as a random object you threw on their hand to move the "x's" under. I don't see a reason why a spectator would want to examine the coin in this effect.....before or after....
  20. It appears as though you're digging for the method, rather than asking legitimate questions. Not to say that this is - in fact - what you're doing, but it certainly would appear that way. DB performed eXile across the country, and the reactions were always the same - pure astonishment. No "cut scenes" necessary. ;) The trick is completely practical.
    eXile does not have to be performed with a quarter. A Euro coin, UK coin, anything that is about the size of a quarter will work. Yes, even a Starburst candy could do the trick.

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