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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Ben Long, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Does this trick require refills? How long does this gimmick last?
  2. Is eXile going to be available for download? or do you need a gimmick that comes with the dvd?
  3. Can the marks that vanish be rubbed by the spectator also?

    Still a very nice effect either way, but if the first marks can be rubbed by the spectator, then i would love to have this.

    I know in the special they seemed to be checked, but the product does not state that you can and it seems, that would be a selling point in my opinion.

    So can the marks be checked at the beginning?
  4. eXile will not be available as a download, as there are materials included with the DVD.
    Absolutely. They can freely touch the marks before you vanish them ("to make sure they're dry").
  5. Then I am definitely getting this.
  6. is there any kind of refills that's needed?
  7. can the objects that come with the dvd be substituted for objects one could buy at say walmart? im just wondering if i will have to buy a refill?
  8. We will be including enough materials to last for many, many performances, but additional refills will be offered at an extremely economical cost.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    The facts alone give me enough information to know how good this is and thats not something i have a habit of saying.

    Can't wait to get this as i will be putting this to work pronto!

    Thanks again,

    Steve Haynes
  10. k, i just preodered mine and i live in singapore .. are the materials like really common as we dont have wall-mart and stuff ?
  11. Question:

    how hard is the trick on a scale of 1-10
  12. One of the simplest pieces of magic I've come across. The effect is essentially self-working. To answer your question, I'd say a 3 or a 4.
  13. Can you see the ink on your fingertips after you have vanished the x's away?
  14. By looking at the video, no.
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    This effect is sounding very cool.

    Can someone comment on what pocket management is like for eXile? Like am I going to have to walk around with a bottle of nailpolish remover in my pocket to perform this?

  16. Good question. How much pocket space will it take up?
  17. Nope. No remnants at all of the ink. That's one of the elements that makes this effect so beautiful.
    The trick is completely practical and requires very little pocket space.
  18. for his honesty and willingness to keep answering our questions. i hereby award Johnraiker the mega B.A.M.F. award
  19. Haha. Anytime Ryan. Anytime.
  20. hehe. Can you make the X's vanish to the quarter itself, or a different part of the spectator?

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