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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Heads up tech team, While using Microsoft Internet Explorer when you click on the white "reply" or "reply with quote" buttons in any thread located at the lower right of a post the Microsoft Internet Explorer ceases to function correctly and crashes. The only way that IE will let you reply to a post is if you click the gold colored "post a reply" button in the lower left corner of the screen. This problem seems to be local to IE only, as it does not reappear when using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  2. I recommend transitioning to a more modern browser.
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    In Response to:
    ...and then the Draven Sayeth Quote:
    I recommend that you read, and preferably comprehend my entire post before trying to be a smart ass with me. Your sarcasm fails.
  4. This was also happening to me William. I thought I was the only one with this problem. I thought my computer had this problem since when I logged on to my brothers computer using IE 8 I could still post. Not knowing how to fix this I just switched to Google Chrome and as you have stated the problem has not occurred.
  5. What is wrong with you? I did indeed read the entire post and even after felt like writing what I said. If you have a problem deal with it man, we all have the freedom to state our opinion in these forums. And so, seeing as you have tested this problem in every other mainstream browser then just use a browser that works! Easy!
  6. he was giving the team a heads up so that they could fix the issue for other members who may not have a different browser. he was not looking for help. he clearly found a way to use the forums.. but i'm pretty sure this is a problem the team would like to clean up.

    and in case you feel like pointing out that everybody should just use a modern browser... have fun telling that to every. single. new. member... it'd be worse than a wire thread.
  7. Draven's doing a favor to the tech team by letting them know that there is a bug that effects users who have older computers so they can fix it. And I'm pretty sure there's a modern version of internet explorer
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    What is "wrong with me" is your near sighted, half assed, ill-informed attempt to look down your nose, and make a uncalled for comment at my expense. You, in shorter terms attempted to make fun of me for not using a more "modern" web browser, as you so aptly put it, and I called out out on it. Further not only did I call you out, but I verbally rebuked you for your ignorance. Regardless of whether or not you intended your comment to be taken as an offensive verbal attack on my person or not; that is exactly how it was recieved on my part. Since I don't know you, or have any previous experience with you or your character to base my view of your statements on, my default reaction is defensive.

    You may have read my entire post, but it is painfully clear maderamagician that you failed to comprehend anything that I said, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. You'll notice that I called your reply Ill-informed, and indeed it is, and on two levels. One you do not know me from Adam. You do not know the kind of computer that I am using, or the software upon it that I am running. Therefore it's ill-informed of you to make sweeping assumptions that I need to update my browsers to accomodate a more modern one when you in reality have no clue what it is that I'm running. Further it's rather rude of you to insert your nose into my business in such a way to make that kind of statement. Hence the verbal rebuke you recieved from me above. Secondly, your comments are ill-informed because had you bothered to comprehend what I said, not just read it, you would have realized that I have not one, but multiple internet browsers running on my system. How ignorant of you to assume that my default choice is IE, not to mention the very reason why I was using IE to begin with is beyond your current ability to know. For all you know, I could be an employee working for Microsoft whose sole job it is to test webpages using IE for the purpose of detecting security faults that could be exploited. Obviously that's not the case in this situation, but for all you know it could have been.

    To follow your suggestion of transitioning to a more "modern" browser from this apparent dinosaur that I'm currently using wouldn't fix the problem. It's just treating the symptoms. So anyone else who is using IE, and may not have the luxury of running alternate browsers like I can will still have to encounter the bugs. By reporting the bug, I hope that it can be removed all together. You see, my way helps everyone, while if I were to follow your advice, I'd only fix it for myself.

    You are very right, this is indeed a free forum, and you are free to post your opinion, however near sighted it may be, but please be advised that the same logic that you use for your defense can also be applied to my position, as I can justify my response(s) to you just as easily. As you were so quick to point out above, I am dealing with it. I'm not only correcting you in your mistaken assumptions, but I'm also verbally rebuking you for attempting to be cleaver at my expense.

    If you can't say something nice about someone Maderamagician, then you shouldn't say something at all. I hope you learned a valuable lesson today. I'll bring my response to a close with a quote from one of our greatest American Presidents Abraham Lincoln who said: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

    Next time you decide to be a smart ass, and make an off hand comment on someone else's thread, think about what they were saying before you hit post. I was trying to help out the community by reporting a problem, I wasn't advertising or advocating the use of "archaic" internet software, nor are you correct in your assumption that I need to update my system to a more "modern" one, as at current I'm running multiple browsers on my computer.

    I hope we can move on from this, and get back to the important issue, fixing this bug.
  9. Thanks Draven for the heads up on this issue. I do not have any control over it but I'm sure I can get the message to someone who can fix it.
  10. I dont get why this is a problem then. If you have other browsers, use them. IE is garbage anyways. This guy is trying to help you and you blow up on him. Calm down.
  11. Why would someone not be able to use a "modern" browser?

    Pretty sure Chrome is free.
  12. Not everyone has a computer that may be able to run a newer browser regardless of it is is free or not. For example: we still have a few computers in our school believe it or not that still use Netscape as a browser if you can believe that. I am not sure that you couldn't even get a newer browser to load on them due to the computer being a bit outdated. Either way...I have contacted JB and he is aware of the issue. That being said I will close this now.
  13. Hey Will,

    No worries - we will make sure this gets fixed up ASAP! The site was built to function perfectly in any modern browser, whether that be Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or IE. That said, only the latest version of IE may be able to support that functionality.

    Can you check what version of IE you are using so we can test it out and see if this is something we can fix up? If anyone else is noticing this issue, let us know what browser version you are using as well and we can diagnose and fix this glitch. Sorry about that!
  14. The IE browser that I'm running is IE V. 8.0.6001.18928

    Hope that helps!

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