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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MalibuARMY, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Heya, well the title says it. I just got an e-mail from JM offering me a refund for Freedom Pack.
    I really don't understand this now. Has anyone else gotten a similar e-mail from him?
  2. Order from him a few says ago, haven't received it yet but I don't have a email regarding the issue you brought up.
  3. So to make sure ALL understand...I am ONLY offering this refund to anna because she has been so vocal about how ripped off she felt and she things I was misleading in what i mentioned FP can do...sooo to her I offered a refund to her.
    did not know she would go and start a thread titled refund fp...soooo NO REFUNDS EXCEPT FOR HER!!!
    (since she seems to be the only one that has been affected by this effect.
  4. My apologies. I didn't know if it would be only for me or if you contacted (or were going to contact) anyone else. I don't think I was quite ripped off I just feel that it was misleading. It is still a good effect that I use and will use. I am not quite "affected" by your product I am just one of the many people who have spoken out about it. I just might be more vocal as I am vocal in a lot of things. I don't want a refund because it is a quality effect.
  5. This is kind of off topic but I am thinking about buying freedom pack and it's not on my usual sites (t11 penguin ellusioiist) so where could I buy it?
  6. Its in my signature
  7. This just show how much Justin really cares about what people think about him. Which is not a bad thing and in this case is a great thing. He is willing to refund someones money who is not happy with his product.
  8. I agree it is a good thing. I do believe many just misunderstood me. I never at any point said I was unhappy with the product. I have it right here actually. There are things I dislike however I am still happy with it.
  9. LOL. JM's attempt at looking better w/ the community by offering Anna a refund has totally backfired. Anna, great job. Thanks for creating the thread.
  10. I don`t know you...but I think this was just a big misunderstanding...nobody was bad or good...
    If he offered a was because he thought Anna was dissapointed with the Freedom Pack...which she is not...but it`s now cristal clear...
  11. This whole thing has gotten completely out of hand. If people want to discuss the Freedom Pack without bashing it for the sake of bashing it, there are threads to be found in the review section. If people want to discuss Justin and his behavior I'm not sure t11's forum is the place for this and even if it is perhaps it should be done in an as objective way as possible, and in an appropriate thread.

    I hate seeing threads being closed but I'm afraid we aren't far from that happening here.
  12. So true.
    And, btw. what Justin Miller did here (with MalibuARMY), is what I call a great customer service. She complained (or at least that's what Justin thought), and he offered her a refund. End of story. Great move from Justin.
  13. I didn't complain about the product. I have told many that. I just spoke of how I disapproved in regards to the way he hyped the product up to be something that it is not. I personally don't think the move was good. If you produce crap at least stand by your crap. I don't say FP is crap. It is gold. But still you should stand by your work.
  14. Ok, but he offered a refund (if I understand correctly), so what's the problem then?
  15. Refund to a customer doesn't change the fact the product is overly-hyped/overpriced. At least that's the impression I'm getting.
  16. As it's 90% of all magic products these days.
  17. True as that may be, doesn't make it any more right.
  18. Yes, but we don't make a new thread every time it happens, nor bash a magician for it (as much as Justin got bashed). He offered a refund to unsatisfied customer. That is a good customer service. I mean, what more do you want? For him to change his advertisment? I don't even see what was the problem in the first place. I have FP, and I didn't find anything missleading.
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    Not to add fuel to the fire but i completely agree with MalibuARMY. I feel this matter could have been brought up a different way but i feel as though Freedom Pack is not at all a good effect. And by not good, i mean completely impractical. Your hands are in an akward postion the whole time, it looks suspicious, and you end dirty. Now Justin Millier didn't make this effect out to be something its not but that doesnt mean it should be sold.

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