Genesis - Which Move Are Y'all Pumped For?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by calledcrazy, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Title is self-expressive. Which move or moves are you guys really anxious to master?For me, it is definitely Card in Flower Fan.
  2. Are you just going off the moves from the preview video or is there a list somewhere with videos of them that I missed?
  3. Just going off the video..and other info that Andrei has confirmed.
  4. Card in Flower Fan is pretty simple.

    I want to learn the Infinity Sequence.

  5. I don’t know if he has it on the DVD or not, but I would be interested in finding out how to do the one finger propeller thing (I have no idea what to call it). I have tried it on my own for hours and I can never get it to go. If you're unsure what I am referring to - it’s on the Propaganda preview.
  6. @Holy

    Its definitely possible. I managed to pull it off for 3 seconds on the first few go's. I dont think you really need a tutorial for that.

    Anyways, i think its easier for me since i learned how to Spin books before. (Think That card spin thing, only with books.) You get an idea on how to control the momentum, finger placement, balance, etc. Just play around with it.
  7. I'm interested to learn it all. But i'm still going mad with the knowledge that this is only the FIRST disc.
  8. You're referring to "Padiddle" .
  9. I may actually buy this dvd (first cardistry dvd other then the brian tudor dvds that still burn my eyes) it is on my list of things to purchase when I have money. On a side not actually looks like not for a while (I am in the red)
  10. Just as a note, Infinity Sequence will most likely be in later volumes.
  11. Im sure it will be, its probably the hardest thing in there.

    He did say Genesis not just Vol. 1

  12. Moves

    Im really wanting to learn his display from the PROPAGANDA trailer.
    Its one of the pics on the reel they have.

    Also, the card going down his arm and back.

    -Jon R.
  13. ThumbFan :D . . . .
  14. Are you talking about the Angel to arm slide? Thats easy. lol

  15. Bullet!! My number 1 favorite move from Andrei.
  16. Could not agree more David! Bullet is stunning, it was worth the price of the whole thing imo.

    I taught myself the infinity display, but I'm sure the actual version of it is worth learning directly from the man.
  17. I was excited to learn the "retarded eagle claw"!!!!!!! :D j/k

    I'm like Bullet the best!!!!!!
  18. it wolud be... charlier cut... yeah that would definitly be it :)))
  19. I was actually most excited to learn the fundamentals with this sort of instruction. and so far, it's living to it's expectations. I found a plus to the lefty teaching for several segments... becoming ambidextrous in cardistry. I'm taking a little long with my study of this project due to trying to master a lot of it in both hands.
  20. Personally I like bullet, it looks awesome and fits my style.

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