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    EDIT::// The Performance list begins in page 4, if you wanna know how all this started, start reading here, so thanks and contribute!

    So, I am awesome and my youtube fans has been asking me for the next season of my videos on youtube, I will actually shoot some live performances of me with people and like a 1 hr footage of me waving my hands in front of a camera as a bonus.....

    Of course im kidding!

    Yesterday I went to the park and I did some shooting, I think that you guys will like it, if not, post a message here with your suggestions...

    Anyway, what's wrong with performing for REAL PEOPLE?? the worst thing that they can say to you is no, and believe me, if they do say yes you are in for a funny ride...

    So here its the link...


    Go_Out.Perform..It is actually fun!

    Thanks for watching and commenting.
  2. I think it cut to you playing with the deck a little too much, but other than that it was a fun watch.
  3. Wait what do you mean?? Perform?? You mean like...real people?

    jk. Very nice vid man. I enjoyed it. ;)
  4. To me going out and preforming with your head down with no one watching you, is not really preforming.

    Only Dan and Dave can seem to actually pull that off, and what Dai Vernon said holds true!

    "Don't hold your head down when preforming because if makes you look like your playing with yourself!"

    Obviously their was a small part with magic, but the flourishing took over!
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    A lot of the tricks I perform are just ideas or variations, it may sound weak but a lot of times the moves used in some of D&D tricks are either hard or angle sensitive, that's why I am changing them a little, and chad nelson...boy, his tricks and routines with a good amount of patter can do wonders for anyone....

    EDIT//:: we have to remember that we are perfoming magic FOR THEM, so we should adapt our magic, routines and sleights for them, I know that a lot of times we are in love with certain sleights, but we need to first understand the necesitties of our spectators(what they like to see and what they need) and then try in every possible way to satisfy such needs.
  6. Wooo hooo! Here's someone who gets it. :)
  7. G.O.P - should be our motto...
  8. I like the idea! it is just sad to see too many webcam performances rather than live ones... we would actually learn a lot more if we saw other members perfoming live, we can't learn anything if we just see them performing fot the computer.:(
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth! Except I would post with a lot more anger in my words lol
  10. Out of curiosity how do you know that youtube magicians don't perform for real people?
  11. i agree...why don't re give this idea to J.B. and maybe he'll create a shirt of it...
  12. I was thinking, as I said before , we can learn far a lot more from live performances and a couple of the users here have already submitted some videos(like fritts and Zmagic)....

    Let's do something and I hope that everyone participates in this. Let's make a little project all toguether, I mean, everybody that its interested in sharing something, just upload the video and past me the link, I'll make a thread where all the routines are posted, kinda like Sean-Reaf Complete list of reviews, Just like in this case, we are going to have a list where the routine and the performer name shows, so everybody can see it and can lear from what we see... I hope I made myself clear enough..

    If you want to partipate in the idea, post a comment here telling us how much time do you need to record and upload something...

    Let's perform everybody!
  13. i feel if you are going to do a complitation....edit all of our vids and do like a 30-45 minute video of the best performers doing the effect they perform the best...and put it on DVD....that way....the people from around the world will see...effects duplicated...and effects that are orginial....talking about getting heads spinning....that would be sweet....
  14. yeah, it would be sweet, but it would be kinda hard, so let's start with making the difference, I havea couple of clips performing the biddle trick, a inversion routine and a couple of chad nelson routines (Yeah, the clipshift performed for real people WTF!!?) and I'll make a new thread and post the links there, I hope you participate buddy =).
  15. This is also a great idea for you lazy dragons who dislike debriefing yourselves after each performance, or believe to have done a great job. There was topic just a while ago (entitled "A New Idea") - which Dylan P gave the idea of using two notebooks, one of them was to write down our performances and critque them for ourselves. If we could start performing for live audiences, and get it recorded, everyone would benifit.
  16. most definately....i'm game...
  17. That's the spirit, I have band reharsal shortly but when I come back Ill start editing and uploading some full performances of mine let's do this!!! haha

    amm the thread would look like this...


    Reactions montage...........Link




    Inversion Routine..............Link



    Torn card changed?.............Link(pretty good trick I liked the idea)

    Cedric Taylor

    (Insert User trick here)..............Link

    Well so that's the main Idea, Also I forgot to mention, let's try to edit the videos so that there is only one trick or routine per video, like if you did some routines for girls and it was like the biddle trick then a transposition, have those trciks in different movies, that way if a guy or girl comes around looking for a way to present the biddle trick or some tips on how to interact with people he can see that video...

    It can be done.Let's make a difference:D
  18. Also we could have it in formatted mode - with the description of the effects performed in the video, the sort of people we performed for, how we approached, the difficulties during performance, and stuff like that.
  19. That's a really good idea, it will work pretty good (specially in my case since my performane its in spanish) where do you want to post the description? I didn't get that part....thanks for clearing.

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