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    Sorry to bump guys, but here's another video of me doing some live magic. Hope you guys enjoy it! :)
  2. [video=youtube;tFFVJAR5AD0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFFVJAR5AD0[/video]

    Title of Performance: Beyond Imagination
    Effects performed: Making people guess the object I'm holding in front of them (with their eyes closed), making them guess, what's written on the other side of the paper, which they hold on to.
    Audience: Random people on the street, few different groups
    The Performance: These are some effects that I came up with, and wanted to try on random people on the street. According to their reaction, I think it's ok, but I still need to work on the presentation of these. Would be grateful for any suggestions :)
  3. Okay, great work man, and thanks for sharing it on the thread :).

    With that said, now my thoughts on the Video:

    I'm not familiar with mentalism magic (I'm more of a card magic man myself) But I'm quite familiar with hypnosis and suggestions. Now the thing is, I'm curious, when you where performing with objects I noticed that you snapped your fingers quite often( more so when you asked them quickly the answer to your questions) was it because you were urging them to quickly come with a answer? or were you anchoring them to previous suggestions you used?

    If you snapped your fingers because you wanted to go back to the color (or suggestion) previously anchored, that's great! Repeatedly using that anchor to make them to think of your suggestion.

    If you were using it just to quicken their response, I think you used it a tiny little bit too much, but then again, I'm not that familiar with mentalism so I cannot commnet a lot on that subject.

    Whatever the case, I think the performance was really well done and if there wasn't that big of a reaction, I think that's because you really boggled their mind and left them pondering about what happened, for me (in my opinion) that's something really powerful in a performance, the patter was great and you handled the spectators in a really friendly way like, "Let's do this toguether" not like other performers that are like "watch me do this".

    the people were really open to you, I would have liked to see your way of approaching, just for the sake of learning it myself. Great work man. A really original performance and effect (in my opinion) you handled it greatly. Props to you my man.

    I'm looking forward to see more from you in the future :)
  4. Guess what!? I finally got myself a decent camera (that isn't borrowed) and finally I'm going to go back to shoot live performances so that we can all learn toguether.

    My effects are somewhat rusty thought, I still stick to the classics, but whatever the case I'll start to post some things and tips that have helped me performing (with live in the field examples of course) so that we can all learn toguether from each other :).

    Keep the thread alive guys, I would love to see you guys commenting and giving your critics ( giving my limited experience on some subjects of magic) on the various videos posted here.

    Go Out and Perform guys :).
  5. [video=youtube;BpA9vE2LROc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpA9vE2LROc[/video]

    Title of Performance: Your Voice Betrays You
    Effects performed: Book test, Blindfold routine (guessing if the spectator has thumb up or down by their tone of voice)
    Audience: Random people on the street, few different groups
    The Performance: Some more effects I came up with. To make it more interesting to spectators I offered them some money in case I make an error. It was a bit risky, but I think proofed to be entertaining. :)

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