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  1. Allright, I'm not going to give you advice on rubber bands magic, because im not to familiar with the sleights, but Ill give my opinion on you as a performer:

    Obviously with any kind of magic, your audience will react, what you aim for here, is to get the best you can from in the momment, I can see that you have practiced your sleights and your patter in front of you mirror quite a lot, and it shows! It's good for you, I didn't see any dabbling with the patter wich is also a good thing. With that said...

    I believe that you need to have a more engaging personality with them, you are so caught in the effect, that you are limiting yourself to only doing the effect and that's it, I saw a part in the rotuine, where you did the first effect, where the audience started reacting and you tried like rush into the next phase, you tried once, and the reactions kinda stopped you a little, that's when I saw you backing a little bitlike waiting for them to continue with the effect. It looked like you were doing the trick to a mirror, I didn't saw any kind of interaction of you with the girls in this case.

    Practicing is great, but you need to learn to adapt to the situation and the reactions, for example, there is one part where the girl said "that's not magic, that's friendship" or something like that, and you were oblivious to their comment. There was a part were you kinda played with them "you want me to doit, you want me to do it!!?" I think that it was kinda forced, but it was good, that's what I am talking about, letting you enjoy the momment and the magic with them, when the girl ask you to do the trick again to her, I thought that you were going to do the patter a little diferently, since you were natural a min before. But no.... You turned back into the same patter used as before, and you merely just repeated the trick again, with no added suspense no nothing.

    Also, you need to REALLY BELIVE IN THE STUFF YOU ARE SAYING liked when you say things like "nothing is impossible" your whole performance was in a monotonous voice, andthat kinda watered their reactions down, there were still reactions, but you could have gotten even a stronger reaction from them.

    learn to adapt. Learn to listen to how your audience is engagin you and engage back with them. there was no engaging whatsoever with your audience.



    *Practiced sleights
    *practiced and memorised patter


    *No engaging whatsoever
    *Monotonous voice

    Enjoy the magic with them man :).
  2. Just a little note here, I don't see that as a hecklish move whatsoever, they just want to be involved too in the magic :)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lapfuHQLqTs

    Title of performance: Magic in the Woodlands
    Effects performed: ACR, Card to Mouth, Dresscode, and Bigger Finish (well there is just a reaction clip from bigger finish at the end and that was on purpose)
    Audience(s): In the first few clips, in the restaurant, they had all been in their car looking at us in the median of the road. A friend of mine did a color change and they freaked. They invited us to dinner (hence why we were in a restaurant) and bought us all food and drinks. The last reaction, for all the girls, only one or two of those girls spoke a little bit of english. The rest didn't really understand english and only spoke spanish. For the most part, we didn't know spanish BUT Cody did know how to say "want to see some magic?" in spanish.
    Performance: Well, I already said how the first group was approached. The second we kinda just walked up and said "want to see magic?" in spanish and then kind of just started performing. It was great and they loved it. It was at starbucks and an employee came up to me and literally said "This isn't a stage...stop and be quiet or get out now" Both performances were way fun though!
  4. Thanks for the help! I will continue to work on it, I get that a lot, I guess the only way to practice stuff like that is perform as much as possible.
  5. Also watching other people perform is a great thing. I tend to do that a lot :).
  6. I really liked it man! Dresscode was performed really nicely, and I liked a lot that the audience was really captivated. the only thing that I would say negatevely would be that in your first round of tricks, you started the ACR with patter, and suddenly, there was not patter at all, just "i'll make the card jump in a more impossible way" so while the audience was really enterteined, I didn't see a lot of coherency between the acr and suddenly jumping into the folded card in mouth effect.

    But, on the other hand, I think that it was a really smart move, since you were performing in a loud enviroment, with people looking at your magic from a medium distance (and I mean the long table), I think that it was a really smart move to play with effects that can be seen from a longer distance. Also the sleights were well executed, you builted enough tension and, magic was happening man :).

    In a normal performing setting, I would have told you about the patter thing, but giving the circumstances I think that it was the best thing to do. Props :)
  7. Thanks a ton man! It was definitely fun! And yeah, normally, I don't have much patter for the ACR just because I really don't perform it hardly ever. I need to develop some kind of patter for when I do use it. With dresscode, here lately I have been using the same presentation but at the end, producing a can of coke out of my shoe or jacket sleeve.

    Anyhow, glad ya liked it! Once it warms up I will be going out and making some more videos!
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  9. The link brings me to the "My Videos" section, not your actual video
  10. So... What is this Thread really about? Also I see people with the "Go_Out.Perform" in there signatures... is this some kind of group or something? I am just curious.
  11. Hmm.. that's weird, I fixed it anyways.
  12. It was made some time ago, people posted their videos of them performing magic, along with some descriptions on the people and the effects performed to give a more precise critic on the video.

    This group was made to grow as live performers, sharing performances and criticquing others as well. people liked the idea so they started the "Go_Out.Perform" to try to encourage people to perform to total strangers :)
  13. RD, I really must applaud you for making this thread. It's been going strong for nearly 2 years now and I don't think it will die anytime soon. :)

    This was a great idea and I would like to thank YOU and EVERYONE who posted on this thread!
  14. Thas is a good idea! I need to get a cord for my recorder and maybe I will film some performing!
  15. Thanks a lot man, really I appreciate it :)

    Yeah sure! The idea is that everybody gives their critiques, but alas, I for one commit myself to give a good look and honest critique to whtever video is posted here :)
  16. HAHAHAHAHA I only have one word to say for this video: PWNAGE!

    That it's all. Thank you.

    Nah, in all seriousness, the lady was semi heckling you bro! and you took it with a smile (wich is great btw), you didn't flinched and even when everybody was reacting to the trick except her, well Im pretty sure that she enjoyed it too, you just boggled her mind and there wasn't room for her to react :). Nice work man :D.
  17. It's great to see that you are still performing man :)

    Okays, let's start, for starters, the trick was flawlesly performed in my opinion, it looks like you have practiced it a lot (including your patter) until the point of perfection, that's great man :).

    The thing is, that there is a problem with this.

    You got caught so much into the patter and execution, that there was no room whatsoever to interact with your audience, I also noticed that you didn't look them in the eye that much, you were so into the trick that as I said, there was no interaction whatsoever.

    I like the "big tiny" effect, the problem with this kind of tricks is that to get into the climax, it actually takes some time, so there is kind like some "dead time' between the beggining and the end, Im talking about when they start "mixing" the cards into piles, I know that you putted music there, But I have would liked to see what patter did you used there, or how you interacted with them.

    Another thing ( and this is personal opinion) don't try to re-explain everything that happened to them, for example, there were three woman there, the woman to the far left enjoyed the trick, and reacted to it, the girl at the very right end, enjoyed it too, but at the same time she was trying to analyse the trick, as for the middle girl, she was trying to reverse engineer the trick, instead of explaining everything again like "you remember that you shuffled the cards right?" don't tell them, let their imaginations run wild and use these kind of times to interact with them more.

    The trick itself was great, but in my opinion, you needed to engage the audience more. :)

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