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  1. Sorry, but this needs to be a sticky/bumped
  2. I'm bringing sexy back!
  3. No seriously, I am.

    Now seriously talking, I'm going to bring the Go_Out.Perform thread to the surface again, I have more time in my hands now, and I have been performing and recording some stuff for you guys including:

    *The Biddle trick
    * And my own version of the "anniversary walts"

    And on top of that, Im performing tipsy in three of the five videos, so it will be kinda weird :S. So I'm finishing uploading the first video and.....

    Let's start sharing perfomances again shall we?

    BTW, here is the facebook page for this Click me`!@

    Hope you guys start contributing with either posts or performances:)
  4. wooooooo whooooooooo


    this is me and my friend out and about performing.

    I posted a thread about it, but didn't get much response!
  5. Great to see some response! I just got back to my house and I'm really tired so I will review the video and try to initiate some intelligent discussion using as topics the essays that steer brought up tomorrow, but meanwhile I leave you guys with the first video.

    The Biddle Trick

    Okay, a couple of notes about this video:

    * I was a little drunk

    * I was performing for girls only

    * It was my third attempt at the biddle trick, they either didn't remember the card right, or they dropped to the floor or whatevs

    *Althought (Sorry for the lost of humility here) my pass was awesome ( told ya ), I kinda did the biddle steal a bit messy but the rest of the patter and enterteinment went smooth in my opinion. You can tell by the reactions and the anticipation the girl with the deck had when I was explaining what was going to happen.
  6. First off those chicks were really hot :D

    Now that we got that out of the way. That was a good performance other than the messy, messy biddle steal. Do you ever perform for tourists or anything? I would like to start doing a bilingual act here in Dallas sometime.

    I might have some videos coming soon. There will be an Oktoberfest near where I live this weekend. Lots of intoxicated people to do some magic for!
  7. What do you mean by bilingual? like performing for people in spanish thought your mother's lenguage is english? Or what are you referring to?

    Yeah, It was a really messy biddle steal :S.
  8. Bilingual means you can speak two languages fluently. Trilingual is three, etc.
  9. No. I mean what "bilingual" means, I do not know what he was referring to, if he was referring to performing for people of another lenguage or something :S.

    And yes I have performed for peopke that don't spea thhe same lenguage as me :D.
  10. I'm referring to maybe doing a show where the audience speaks Spanish and I interact with them in their language.

    I am not a native speaker but my parents are from Mexico and so I know a bit of Spanish.
  11. It's been a while since we have made this thread the correct way. So since I have more spare time than before, I'll (personally speaking) commit myself to watch every single performance and honestly critic them :).

    But before that, I kindly ask the two fellow members above if you guys can submit your video link in the following format.
    That way we have more material to criticise (Yes you too zac please :p )

    Let's re-start the thread from scratch :)
  12. Since the video was a smashup of effects and reactions I will give my critic on the things I caught.

    Overall, I think is really good, your way of talking to people isn't rushed and doesn't looks rehearsed ( I mean that it looks natural, wich is a great thing) and you enjoy the reaction with them, wich is also nice. I also noticed that most of your effects involve the spectators wich I think is a really smart thing to do.

    The only thing is that I would love to see the entire effects one by one, so that I can see your approach and how you handled them separately :).
  13. Gracias Hermano!
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    Title of Performance: Live Performance: Rubber Band Magic
    Effects performed: Jumping Rubber Band, Crazy Man's Handcuffs, and Linking Rubberbands.
    Audience: all around 12 or 13, mostly female, including two annoying hecklers. (one wasn't on camera, but you should have seen all his crap, after one heckler tried pulling the rubberband through like I did in Crazy Man's Handcuffs, he goes, WAIT! LET MEEEEEEE TRY IT!!!!!!)
    The Performance: I performed my rubberband routine, there were some interuptions I had to cut out because of a very annoying heckler, but overall I think the performance was good.
  15. Casen the middle effect you performed was Crazy Man's Handcuffs. Professors Nightmare is a rope routine where three different ropes change to being the same size and then change back.
  16. Oh my gosh you're right! sorry about that, must be too early to be posting magic videos, haha.

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