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  1. Alright so I know there's a thread asking what you want for christmas already, but I want help with my list. And by help I mean detailed help, so please bear with me. I have read reviews on all the things on my list. Numerous reviews. And this is the list I've come down too, but its still wayyyy too exspensive.

    I have:
    AoM by Wayne Houchin*
    Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner *
    Corinda's 13 steps*
    Catch! by Ben Seidman*
    xfinger by Geoff Weber
    Master Levitation System by Steve Fearson
    Levitator by Andrew Mayne*
    Silver dream by Justin Miller
    Coin Shell
    Card Manipulations all three from T11
    Genesis by Andrei Jikh
    Sponge by Jay Noblezada*
    and a shirt from T11

    And now you see why I need help...that list is WAY TOO LONG! Anything with an asterix is something I'm leaning towards, and for a certain reason. But thats what I need your guys help with :)

    I have three main foci for where I want to go with my magic. As I delve deeper into the art form that is magic I want to expand my performing. I plan to start doing birthday parties soon and thats where the d'lites and Sponge come into play. I could do those along with two other things that I already are getting for my brithday (my birthday is a few days away from christmas) which is chinese linking rings and a Zombie ball. I figure the d'lites, spongeballs and chinese linking rings could make for a good kid's birthday party act.

    I also want to do a performance for my school soon. In the talent show. I'm a sophmore in high school and I have ideas in my head for an act. I would go through the aspects of magic. Levitation mind reading and the all beloved cards. Thats where levitator (possibly Zombie ball?) 13 steps card manipulations and Catch! would come in.

    Along with that, being a high schooler gives me many opportunities to perform close up for my friends. This would be where AoM and Totally Out of Control and Xfinger would come in. And for xfinger, after reading up on it, it seems that it works if the effort is given to make it flawless. And I would put in the effort. and then things like genesis would be for the kids in my school who just are not impressed with my magic, but still want to see something. Because I have (on numerous occasions) considered starting cardistry. ANd the the T11 tee shirt just looks awesome :)

    So in this thread any critisisms comments suggestions for the list would be very welcome! And for sake of not starting another thread or two, any ideas involving a talent show act or a kids birthday party act can be thrown around in here too. If anyone needs more information just ask!

    Thanks in advance for the help and thanks for reading this, even though its kind of long!

  2. Long post there! I'll try to help as best as I can, with each item, but most of this is based on reviews:

    Art of Magic: I don't like the idea of paying $30 for 5 tricks, and there are wayyy better deals out there. That said, unless you really like the content, I'd say to get this at a later time.

    TOoC is a great buy. It's full of information and great effects. It may be a bit more expensive than a 1-on-1, but it's worth that and more.

    Corinda's 13 Steps is the book of mentalism. No questions asked.

    Catch just looks like another Penguin release. Nothing special.

    X Finger looks alright, but I think you could spend your money on other, better things. Not detracting from the value of the effect, but it doesn't seem plausible for your scenarios.

    Levitatior and Fearson's system both look just meh. There are many alternate routes to levitation. Skywalker seems to be the way to go, but Levitator does look alright for stage.

    Silver Dream is the best coin routine I own. And the shell, if you get it from E, is of superb quality.

    I wouldn't get Card Manip. and Genesis, I'd get one. Genesis seems to be the way to go.

    D'Lites are good for stage and kids. I own 'em.

    I would just get sponge balls and learn routines from Mark Wilson's Encyclopedia or another similar general magic book.

    And unless you really need another piece of cloth, skip the shirt.

    If you want to do birthday parties, sponge balls, silks, and producing small objects will suffice. It's simple and captures a young child's imagination.

    For a talent show, I recommend some of the items found in Wilson's book as well. If you don't have it get it. It's like 10 bucks, and is amazing. Levitator looks good, but don't make that the only thing. Encyclopedia has a version of Metamorphosis, if memory serves correctly...

    And for close up, just learn stuff from Royal Road and Expert Card Technique. Start small, play big.

  3. Two reccomendations. Take off X Finger. I didn't really think it was worth the money. Also, add Strip by Jose Lac'Quest. It's mainly for close up but it's amazing.
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    TOOC. Hands Down. Great routines, sleights and teaching. This book was very easy to learn from and provides hard hitting, visual, close-up effects. I have also found several ways to adapt the routines and sleights taught in the book to better my own effects. You can't miss with this book.
    Silver Dream is also a fantastic routine. Justin's teaching is great and the techniques that are taught are great (without giving too much away). I perform the non gimicked routine and it's a great piece to finish some of the effects from TOOC with.
    D'lights are a lot of fun. Especially out a bars late night when people are a little blurry :)

  5. i suggest not getting Xfinger though.
  6. I don't want to change the subject, but since you guys were talking about D'Lites, are they deceiptive or not ? That's my only concern about them before giving them a go.
  8. Thanks for all the help so far guys! It's all very helpful! :D
  9. AoM by Wayne Houchin: Highly recommended, the effects are very good, but the absolute best part of the DVD is the interviews, they are some of the most valuble pieces of information I have ever heard about magic.

    Corinda's 13 steps: That book is THE place for mentalism.

    d'lites: Definitely good for kids shows, fun to play with, but not the most hard hitting effect on the market. Still recommended though.

    and a shirt from T11: They're nice shirts, but unless you seriously need a new shirt then you should probably go for other, more useful things.

    That's all on your list i own that you haven't decided on. I've heard bad things about X-Finger, but it sounds like you're willing to make it work.
  10. Honestly X-Finger is an effect I keep on standby as impromptu magic. There are certain subtleties that you have to pay attention to, and I played with it for a few weeks before I was satisfied with the way it looked for my hand.

    It's kind of like the disappearing pen cap trick. It is a simple trick that starts with a gag and ends with a beautiful vanish...if you play it right. I also have a surprise method for bringing it back that I've recently worked out.

    From your list...I only own X Finger and 13 Steps. (edit) and sponge balls!!! I like sponge balls, they're fun to use.

    If you wanted to get into mentalism 13 steps is good, but you should also look into Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals. I think fundamentals will get you more ready to perform mentalism and 13 steps will further your knowledge of effects to do. People prefer one over the other, I think doing Fundamentals and then using 13 Steps as a followup is a decent course. Shoot Dee Christopher a PM for his advice, since he is a mentalist.

    I would suggest books over anything. If you don't own a general magic book (Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, Joshua Jay's Magic:The Complete Course) then pick one up, they can give you insight into many different types of magic and help you develop routines and such.

    You should also (if you have yet to do so) hop over to Vanishing Inc, sign's free, and download under/over (also free). It has a lot of answers to some of the questions you'll probably have about performing. And it's just a good read.

    With that said...I'm going to go get some work done (since I get paid to...) and might edit/post again/PM you later in the day.
  11. if you work...get a new effect every week or two...spread it out....

    if you are looking for instat results, which i hope you are not...then you might wanna take off sivler dream...very hard to takes prolly months of practice.....

    AOM is recommended and i would get that first.... i would get that...its an instant success...and also a reputation builder...

    next i would get has some good stuff...but takes prep to make the levitations i said...obviously if you want something for christams, you must want to do them right off....levitator takes prep and practice because of the materials needed...but its hands down good..

    i've even told ben siedmen this...if he created a rock, i would buy it....the guy has some amazing stuff...

    everyting esle is a toss up, i would recreate a list...and look for more magic....b smith is a person you would wanna look up....

    then there's dan hauss, the dude is creative as hell...get his work....

    but get out there and search....there is more than the names you read on here and ellusionist...its some gems out there that will leave you breathless....
  12. Your foolishness makes me laugh!!! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, The Art Of magic is the best investment I have ever made. The DVD isn't about the tricks, instead it provides input on things such as audiance management, How to give the spectator the best show, routine building ideas, performance theory ideas, and ideas on how to prresent yourself. Far more valuable than any amount of ticks.
  13. I can't give to much details as I am lightheaded from meds.

    AOM-TOOC-Corindas-Silver Dream-Genesis. Those are the ones I recommend over the rest of your list. You will get the most out of them. However I really don't recommend silver dream if you don't have months of patience.
  14. Thanks guys this is all really helpful! :)

    Cedric- I know exactly what you mean. Even though I may get all or some of these things at once, I intend to only look at them one at a time.

    And as of right now the list is looking smaller but everybodies input helps! :)
  15. i think i speak for all of us here, we are all glad to be some help to you....good luck and much success...
  16. Just buy the complete Tarbell Course in Magic! All you will ever need.
  17. hey if anyone could give me a link to a review of either of Mark Wilsons book, or to Tarbell Course, it would be greatly appreciated along with the rest of the help. I can't find reviews for these anywhere!
  18. For kids, go with sponge ball routine. and some coins. Highly suggest you go with SV and Sponge in the list, if you would love to have something that is fun to practice, get a copy of Genesis.

    And a question, youre gonna wear t11 shirt for b'day party?

  19. OF COURSE I'LL WEAR IT TO BDAY PARTIES!! Actually, in all truth I'm not sure what I'll wear. I plan on researching the specifics soon. Like stage names and costumes and the like. So maybe :)

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